‘SBC President Bart Barber has been maliciously and deliberately slandering one of my elders, Dusty Deevers, on Twitter, and flat out lying about abolitionist legislation.’

As SBC President Bart Barber attacks Pro-Life SBC Pastors, it is now clearer than ever that antichrists and Democrats are running the Southern Baptist Convention.

The new President of the Southern Baptist Convention Bart Barber once slandered the Apostles and Holy Spirit when he called them plagiarists—and he smeared the Apostles and Holy Spirit in a cynical effort to politically defend Woke Ed Litton’s notorious plagiarism. So, it should come as no shock when Bart Barber lies about a Southern Baptist pastor to defend another member of the worthless SBC Elite. This time the SBC President Bart Barber lied about SBC Pastor Dusty Deevers and has so far ignored calls to repent and apologize.

The backstory: New ERLC President Brent Leatherwood fought a pro-life bill & thinks baby murderers should not be prosecuted for murdering babies

SBC Pastor Dusty Deevers is an abolitionist. He wants an end to all abortions and fights for the Equal Protection of the laws for the unborn. Sometimes this creates tensions in the pro-life movement. Some of those tensions were exposed when Pro-Life organizations opposed an abolition bill in Louisiana. Opponents of that bill included the ERLC.

And as Deevers’ thread shows, Leatherwood even praised Joe Biden’s appointment of a radical abortion judge to the Supreme Court.

Safe to say, Leatherwood is not what most Southern Baptists would want to lead their public policy arm. (Plus, the new ERLC President Brent Leatherwood doesn’t even have an advanced degree and he is leading the SBC’s public policy Think Tank with nothing more than a BA from a directional school! What a joke.)

And Deevers has the proof for every tweet and assertion made in his thread.

Of course, the SBC Elite response is to lie. And that is just what SBC President Bart Barber did.

Bart Barber lies about SBC Pastor Dusty Deevers

Responding to Deevers’ indictment of the ERLC and Brent Leatherwood, SBC President Bart Barber showed his total lack of character.

Bart Barber speaking of Deevers said, “This tweet represents the lowest point of dishonesty to which we can descend when we sell out to the crass tone of secular politics instead of following the way of Christ.”

Bart made several points that were demonstrably false in this rant. Travis McNeely provided the refutation.

Michelle Lesley put it simply: “Good work, Travis. Look, there are only two options here: Either 1. Bart knows this is false, in which case, he’s lying, or 2. Bart doesn’t know this is false, in which case, he’s speaking from woeful ignorance. Neither speaks well of an SBC president. And lemme tell you what – over the last several months I’ve personally witnessed dozens of people set him straight on what abolitionists *actually* stand for and what these bills *actually* say, and I’ve used up all the benefit of the doubt I have for him on #2. He’s lying.”

And several grassroots leaders called for Bart Barber to apologize and repent of his obvious lies.

Tom Ascol said, “Bart, with respect, you have just far surpassed the supposed dishonesty that you projected onto Dusty. Some of your accusations against Dusty in this thread are scurrilous. You need to repent.”

Scott Colter pointed out something very important about Bart Barber’s behavior. Colter said, “Don’t miss what is happening here. On full display, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention is maligning, misrepresenting, and using his influence to agitate a social media mob against a local church pastor who holds a genuine position with which he disagrees.”

And average Southern Baptist church members are speaking out too. Here Rachel Burkey speaks out to defend her pastor Dusty Deevers:

Currently a battle is raging in the SBC over abolition, largely, over criminalizing [child sacrifice] as murder. For the last two days, SBC president Bart Barber has been maliciously and deliberately slandering one of my elders, Dusty Deevers, on Twitter, and flat out lying about abolitionist legislation.

Barbers remarks are nothing short of sin. What he has said is disturbing, disgusting, and dishonest. Many faithful pastors have called him to repentance and truth, yet Barber remains in sin.

Please PRAY. Pray for repentance. Pray that in all of the slander, pride, and fighting against abolitionism, the truth will be known, saints will be sanctified, child sacrifice will be abolished, and God will be glorified through this very public conversation.

For context: When we went to LA this spring to support HB813, LA’s first abolition bill, Brent Leatherwood, (mentioned in Dusty’s first tweet) on behalf of the ERLC signed onto a open letter along with dozens of pro-life organizations and leaders. This open letter condemned equal protection under the law for the preborn, and urged all prolife legislators to oppose legislation that treated the murder of preborn babies as murder. Almost immediately after that letter was published, the abolition bill was killed, by the republican house floor. As a direct result, moms are still murdering their babies in LA today with full immunity under LA law.


Conclusion: Bart Barber is a joke, but you already knew that

Everyone knows Bart Barber is a joke. That is why the leftists running the SBC decided on him as their man to be SBC President.

Bart was picked by the leftists because he will always defend Russell Moore and the other leftists pushing the Southern Baptist Convention further along its leftward drift.

However, Bart is a buffoon. He routinely does stupid things that expose the moral corruption of the SBC Elite. For example, Bart Barber naming his horse, err, naming Todd Benkert to an important SBC committee—despite Benkert being exposed as a liar and otherwise unqualified person.

Now this attack on an SBC pastor for no greater sin than telling the truth about the bad people running the ERLC.

Now is the time to expose these liars and leftists for what they are! Share these stories about Bart with your fellow church members—demand your pastors and your church withhold funding from the corrupt SBC! Send these liars and leftists a message in the only language they understand—the dollar.

An addendum on Abolition & Incrementalism

Often, there are good reasons to pursue incremental abortion restrictions and just as often the abolitionists reject those arguments. Let me say here, I’m pragmatic. The same moral calculus that drove my vote for Donald Trump (better to do some good than let evil triumph totally) is what I apply to making laws. Thus, even a limitation on abortion is better than its wholesale continuation.

You should know that thus I’m not always for abolition. Yet, when there are good chances of passing an abolition law, it seems the Christian duty to promote and pursue that policy achievement. I think this is where the various conflicts arise—most Christians and legislators are going to pragmatically support whatever has the best chance of passage.

Some of the rhetoric on both sides is unhelpful. However, the end game for all Christians should be the equal protection of the law for the unborn.

Frustration at the ERLC’s betrayal of that principle is what Dusty Deevers rightly criticized.

This isn’t really a fight between abolitionists and incrementalists. This is a fight between a Christian and someone (Bart Barber) who behaves like a lying leftist—which is just another way of saying an antichrist. If Bart has a conscience, he should repent and apologize. I doubt he will because the one theme of Bart’s entire time in the SBC is climbing the greasy pole of power.