How the mighty have fallen! Leftist policies at ERLC make once great organization an irrelevancy. Former ERLC Presidents included Oxford grad and SBTS grad. New President hails from a directional school.

How far has the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) fallen? Brent Leatherwood is the latest ERLC president. He follows Oxford grad Richard Land (D.Phil.) and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary grad Russell Moore. And the new ERLC president holds a B.A. (2003) from the University of Central Florida. That is how damaged the ERLC brand is—the once prestigious evangelical political advocacy organization is reduced to hiring a grad from a directional school as its new president.

Southern Baptists have no one to blame but themselves.

Well, technically, they could blame the trustees who served to enable the godless policies pursued by lifelong Democrat Russell Moore. Instead of rebuking Russell Moore, most of the ERLC trustees served as fanboys cheerleading mistake after mistake until the ERLC is another useless artifact of Evangelical ascendency in America—another abandoned bulwark in the Christian stand against secularism.

Russell Moore declared the Culture War lost at least as early as 2015. However, here we are seven years later in 2022 and engaged in some of the most pitched battles of this never-ending war. Moore like the other Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys of Evangelicalism (think David French) who counseled surrender are no different than Vichy France capitulating while others continue the struggle against totalitarian thugs.

And be not deceived—we are fighting totalitarian thugs. Leftists will force you to say false things like 2+2=5 or that a man can be pregnant. Leftists intend to force you to lie and call a man a woman or to affirm LGBTQ+ ideology.

Our Vichy Evangelicals told you to surrender years ago.

Imagine how bad things would be if you listened to Russell Moore and stayed home in 2016—allowing Hillary Clinton to become President. Roe would not be overturned. And Leftists would have a decisive majority on the Supreme Court for a generation. Your rights would be tossed aside in rapid succession.  

Yet, the actual Christians ignored the wolves like Russell Moore and did the right thing. They voted against evil.

Because of Russell Moore’s antics, the ERLC is an irrelevancy. Nothing screams that louder than the ERLC trustees being forced to hire a guy from a directional school as its new president.