Todd Benkert promoted pro-LGBTQ law firm and admitted to lies during the SBC Elite attempt to blackmail Jennifer Buck

Tom Buck this is a ‘Sick Joke’

Todd Benkert was involved in passing around a confidential rough draft of an essay by Jennifer Buck and was caught on tape lying about how he obtained the rough draft. What did the Southern Baptist Convention do to a pastor participating in the abuse of Jenifer Buck? It appointed him to a powerful and important new SBC committee. And wait for it, the committee is all about correctly handling abuse!

Southern Baptist Convention President Bart Barber appointed known liar Todd Benkert to the newly created Abuse Reform Implementation Task Force. Benkert is a known liar who was revealed on a recorded phone call to know who was involved in the attempt to blackmail Tom Buck and Jennifer Buck.

Benkert’s appointment to the committee was first reported by Baptist Pravda.

Benkert is joined on the committee by chairman Marshall Blalock and Mike Keahbone as vice-chairman along with Melissa Bowen, Brad Eubank, Cyndi Lott, Jon Nelson, Jarrett Stephens, and Gregory Wills.

While anyone on the committee is suspect as a Woke leftist given Bart Barber’s ties to the extreme left of the SBC, Benkert is a special example of how Barber and his ilk do not care about all women—in other words, they are fine with the SBC abusing conservative women and fine with using stories of abuse as a political prop and weapon.

Tom Buck said, “So, @bartbarber has named @toddbenkert to the Sex Abuse Response Implementation Task Force. Todd was directly involved with covering up for those who spread my wife’s, @JenniferBuck65, rough draft… and then lied about it! Bart has his own good ‘ole boy system! What a sick joke!”

Jennifer Buck said of her treatment by SBC Elites like Benkert, “Let me make this clear: There is nothing I’ve experienced in my entire life that I feel more abused by than what the SBC leaders are doing to me and my husband. These people are wicked!”

Benkert admitted on Twitter to being a liar.

Todd Benkert said, “If it helps, I’m sorry I lied.”

The audio recording is even more disturbing that this man pretends to be a Christian and even worse a liar like this is a pastor! You simply must listen to this audio to get the full understanding of who these evil people are in today’s SBC!

These are the liars and leftists running the “conservative” Southern Baptist Convention.

Also, Benkert pressured the SBC to hire a radical pro-LGBTQ law firm.