David French reveals his political naiveté in new column against Tucker Carlson and conservative Christian alarm at the Leftist riots.

For some reason, it is hard for David French to deal with reality. His new column is the epitome of all his errors. Here is the truth: The Democratic Party Platform is crafted in the pits of Hell. Democrats demand infanticide as not only a political right but a test of loyalty to the Democratic Party. Democrats hate Christians. The Party platform is against religious liberty and Democratic politicians in the federal government want to use Christian beliefs to exclude conservative Christians from office (a practice forbidden by the Constitution.) Democrats are attacking churches while allowing riots, protests, liquor stores and abortion clinics to operate during the Pandemic.

Everyone knows these things. Especially David French. He is a lawyer with experience in dealing with Leftist attacks on religion. He reads the news. He knows.

Yet, for some reason he pretends Democrats are not seeking the ultimate destruction of him, all conservatives and every Christian.

In his new column, David French abuses conservatives like Tucker Carlson for sounding the alarm about Leftists.

French’s trajectory is tragic, but common among Never Trumpers. French reflects the virtue signaling world more than the political thinking of Christianity. This isn’t shocking. Elite Evangelicals have always stressed form over substance. It is why so-called Pro-Life Christians can cheer President George W. Bush (he had the right tone) and belittle Donald J. Trump. However, it is clear that Trump has delivered far more than Bush for the Pro-Life cause.

Tony Perkins pointed out all the ways Trump has delivered on pro-life promises.

Yet, as the effete evangelical elite always do—they stress tone.

Action is déclassé.

Christians are attacked. Conservatives are assaulted. Churches are burned. Tyrants in states close church services.

All those facts are established. They are true.

Yet, French and his ilk think they can reason with the mob.

Have fun with that.

But it is not enough that French wants to virtue signal to the world—he misuses Scripture.

For some reason, David French thinks being concerned, alarmed and even fearful about political events is not allowed to the Christian. He bases this on the Christian doctrine of God’s sovereignty and then quotes verses to demand Christians do something different.

What exactly?

Love their neighbor?

Which Neighbor? The neighbor rioting or the neighbor being attacked in the Leftist riot?

Having confidence in God’s sovereignty and knowledge that He will protect his sheep gives us individual comfort. It does not form a Christian’s political philosophy. Rather, we must be dedicated to advancing God’s created order and his specific commandments for government. That means battles. That means conflict.

Recognizing that riots harm people (sometimes even killing them) and damages property is not a bad thing. In fact, it is the truth. Does French want Christians to deny the truth?

Then, what French is trying to apply to politics has nothing to do with politics. Instead, it is the foundation of our hope for engaging in politics.

The verses French cites should give us hope that even if we fail in our political struggles, God is still in charge. He still reigns and will still champion the right.

It may not happen in our days, but it will happen.

Those are words to make us stand the bolder.

Let us say like Joab, “Be of good courage, and let us play the men for our people, and for the cities of our God: and the LORD do that which seemeth him good.”

A few other things to notice in French’s column

First, notice French is suggesting something similar to what the Leftist New York Times suggested about the November Presidential Election: Constitutional Crisis.

French writes, “There is an easily foreseeable potential constitutional crisis that could strain this nation to the breaking point—suppose that Trump again loses the popular vote yet narrowly wins an Electoral College majority while potentially hundreds of thousands (if not millions)of mail-in ballots are disqualified.”

We’ve already covered the New York Times trial balloon of such a scenario.

This is what many Leftists want. They think a Pandemic to destroy the economy and a Constitutional Crisis to destroy the remnants of the Republic is the only way to accomplish The Great Reset. The Great Reset is the World Economic Forum’s vision of a brave, new and far more equitable Western World of stakeholder capitalism.

French’s study of the American Civil War is only somewhat useful. He finds that actions (John Browns’ Raid, etc.) led people to think the other side hated them.

Well, duh.

Actions have a way of showing you how your political opponents feel about you.

Of course, if French actually wants to understand what is happening in American politics, he should look at the Spanish Civil War for clues.

French doesn’t seem to grasp just how bad things are. The country is disintegrating. And the methods he proposes for Christians are the same ineffectual winsomeness of the last 50 years.

His methods, if adopted, would marginalize Christian voters to political irrelevance.

If French and his buddy Russell Moore had their way in 2016, then Hillary Clinton would’ve shifted the Supreme Court for at least a generation.  There would be few chances of judicial protections of Christian political liberties.

In other words to borrow from Winston Churchill, French continues the evangelical Christian’s “long, dismal, drawling tides of drift and surrender.”

We can do better.

Let us not fear to engage in political struggles.

Let us now Play the Men for Our People! Let us follow the example of John MacArthur and ignore tyrants.