PROOF: Christians can’t support Democratic Party

In case you needed even more proof that no Christian can ever support the Democratic Party—the Democrats kicked a pro-life state legislator off the ballot in Tennessee. And oh, it gets better. The pro-life politician is a 26-year state legislator and a Church of Christ minister.

Democrats affirmed their fealty to abortion when they removed Rep. John DeBerry from the August 6 primary. DeBerry is a prominent black leader in the Democratic Party. He’s provided distinguished leadership for over a quarter of a century. So, what was his sin?

The Commercial Appeal reported a huge clue. According to the paper, in 2019 DeBerry supported “a controversial bill banning abortions after a fetal heartbeat could be detected.”


Only among those who want to kill babies.

And that appears to be the entire Democratic Party. Democrats are captive to the abortion interest.

“Planned Parenthood ran billboards against DeBerry for months,” said Matthew Nowlin, director of Conservative Christians of Tennessee. “Planned Parenthood announced they were coming after DeBerry. And Planned Parenthood showed it is they, not the voters in DeBerry’s district who matter.”

DeBerry’s years of service to the Democratic Party counted for nothing. All that mattered was his apostasy on the Democratic Party’s sacrament of abortion.

“The Tennessee Democratic Party has decided that a 26-year Representative that spent 12 years as a committee chairman, conducted himself with integrity, served the party well, sponsored meaningful legislation and built bridges across the aisle to get bills passed is no longer a Democrat. And so, I’m not,” DeBerry said in a statement published by the Commercial Appeal.

Think about that.

A distinguished career of service to the state and the Democratic Party couldn’t save DeBerry. His years of working to save the lives of babies cost him a spot on the ballot.

This is the Democratic Party.

It is rabidly pro-death.

It is rabidly anti-Christian.

If one holds to a biblical worldview, then one must reject abortion.

If one objects to abortion, then there is no place for you in the Democratic Party.

That is for both politicians seeking office and voters.

This type of action clarifies the evil you support when you cast your ballot for a Democrat.

Also, it highlights the moral hazard of not making sure to vote Republican.

When one does not actively fight evil by preventing evil’s triumph at the polls—then all you are doing is virtue signaling. That is all supporting a third party or staying home on election day accomplishes. It soothes your feelings and helps Democrats.

Voting third party or staying home on election day is no different than taking half-measures to save a drowning man—it is like tossing that drowning man an uninflated life raft. It gets part of the rescue operation right but ignores a huge part.

In the November elections, remember the message Democrats are sending to every bible-believing Christian—they don’t want you. Christian, you are not welcome.

Cast your ballots accordingly.

4 thoughts on “Democrats expel black pro-life Christian”

  1. I wonder if he will change parties or run as an independent? He seems to be very popular in his district, running unopposed in the general elections.

  2. I guess it depends how many former Dems go 3rd party. Dems only represent 30% of the electorate, if it drops to 25% a 3rd party can be enough to make sure Dems stop winning a lot of elections

  3. The Christian woman who didn’t want to bake the cake for the gay wedding was a Democяat.
    I think a lot of people still believe that they represent the working class.

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