Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council appeared on the Todd Starnes Radio Show Friday and blasted Never Trump Evangelicals like ERLC Research Fellow Thomas S. Kidd for misleading the public about President Donald Trump.

Starnes asked about the disgusting tweet from Southern Baptist ERLC Research Fellow and Church History professor at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Thomas S. Kidd. Kidd suggested in a tweet that Trump wasn’t good enough to attend the annual March for Life.

Starnes asked Tony Perkins,

“There are still a lot of Never Trumpers out there. I just don’t get these folks. There is a guy named Thomas Kidd of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission—he is one of their fellows. They are part of the Southern Baptist Convention. He put out a tweet yesterday. He said, ‘Hopefully it will be good for Trump personally to attend the March for Life. It isn’t good symbolically for the pro-life movement to be associated with him.’ What do you make of that?”

Perkins replied,

I don’t get it either. I am at a loss too. I am having this discussion with not a lot of people because most people who are honest and will think through this process look at what this Administration has done. The evidence is irrefutable

“If people can’t see that and say, ‘Alright. I was wrong. This president has been doing it. I may not like his personality. I might not like this Tweets. But, I have to be honest. His policies are Pro-Life. They are pro-Religious Freedom’…

“It is everything that the people in the Christian community have looked for for years…

“Frankly, they will have to give an account for that someday. Not before me. But they will have to give an account for trying to turn people the wrong way when it comes to this Administration.

Strong words.

Perkins is right. Some Elite Evangelicals refuse to give Trump any credit. One Southern Baptist pastor noted this problem. Pastor Tom Buck tweeted, “Let’s be honest… if Trump were to invent a cure to cancer, many SBC leaders would prefer to die of cancer.”

And other observers have similarly noted the arrogance of Elite Evangelicals. Dr. Robert Jeffress attribute Beth Moore’s Never Trumpism to a lack of humility and an unwillingness to admit error.

Perkins delivered some additional good news during his conversation with Todd Starnes. Perkins said the Trump Administration will help combat abortion and fight for the Right of Conscience for churches in states like California. Perkins told Starnes,

“Today at the Family Research Council, we had our Pro-Life Con, as you had mentioned and Secretary (Alex) Azar of Health and Human Services was here to make a major announcement.

“The announcement that this Administration, unlike previous, will enforce the Weldon Amendment, which says that states cannot force all insurances to have abortion policies. What this deals with is California that was mandating that every insurance policy provide abortion. Meaning everyone who had to have health insurance had to fund abortion including churches in the State of California. So, today they went on record saying that if California will not work with us, they will lose their federal funding if they don’t protect the Rights of Conscience.

“That didn’t happen under any other Republican Administration. We aren’t just talking about Pro-Life policies in contrast to the Obama Administration. We are talking about Pro-Life policies like expanding Mexico City, ensuring that $9 billion in foreign aid is not spent promoting abortion.”

And Perkins said Donald Trump’s speech at the March for Life was excellent.

“The president’s speech did not disappoint,” Perkins said before sharing his favorite quote from President Trump’s speech. He also praised the Trump Administration for hits impressive Pro-Life and Pro-Religious Liberty record. “He has been systematically going about reversing the pro-abortion, anti-faith, anti-family policies of previous administrations.”

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