Elite Evangelicals dislike Donald Trump. Most of them are Never Trumpers like Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission president Russell Moore. The ERLC is notorious for the Anti-Trump bias among its Research Fellows. Well, President Donald Trump is doing something great for the Pro-Life cause—the president will speak at the March for Life. This is historic. And the reaction from an ERLC Research Fellow was as you might expect.

Thomas S. Kidd, ERLC Research Fellow and a professor at Baylor and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary tweeted, “Hopefully it will be good for Trump personally to attend the March for Life. It isn’t good symbolically for the pro-life movement to be associated with him.”

This is outrageous. It is insulting. Basically, it says Trump is not good enough to be associated with the Pro-Life cause.

Going to church might be good for a sinner, but that’s not a good look for First Baptist!

Going to AA might be a good for the alcoholic, but that’s not good symbolically to have that group associated with a known heavy drinker!

How dare that former slave owner attend our abolition rally!

Well, you get the idea. How dare anyone not perfect ever desire to save a life.

Too many Elite Evangelicals care more about public relations and how something might look than saving babies.

They are all political.

Or, more specifically, they are all about pleasing the secular elites.

However, they will never win the desired applause of the secular elites because the secular elites aren’t upset by Donald Trump attending a Pro-Life rally—the secular elites are offended by the thought they won’t be able to murder an inconvenient baby. They are committed to their radical secular agenda of sexual autonomy.

And where is the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) praising this great news?

Where is our list of Five Things You Should Know About the President’s Historic Address to the March for Life?

Oh well, maybe tomorrow we’ll get an Explainer.

Kidd’s lame tweet illustrates everything wrong with Evangelical Elites—they are sanctimonious and unwilling to accept someone less than perfect as an ally in the Pro-Life fight. That might be a big problem in our churches too. We should probably work on that.

In any case, these are the political opinions and the types of people platformed by your Southern Baptist Convention.

Happy about that?

5 thoughts on “ERLC Research Fellow insults President Trump over March for Life”

  1. Many SBC I hear from and they are many are all very embarrassed at several positions of Russell Moore!

    1. Jerry and Jim I wholeheartedly agree with both your comments.I have opposed Land and Moore for years and refuse to let them speak for me.They both seem to hate White people especially White Southerners.Yet they love La Raza(The Race)an illegal alien Hispanic supremacist group who seek to colonize our land and whose motto is “all for the race and nothing for anyone else”.(Lindsay Graham also loves La Raza but calls his SC constituents bigots for not wanting to be run from their homes).How do such people get appointed or elected?It makes me think it is all rigged as I have never met a Lindsay Graham voter here in SC.Same with the SBC,the demonic power behind the likes of Moore and Land has taken all our instuitions from the top.God will not forsake us though.Have faith and never give up the struggle because the evil will not prosper.

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