In December, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary lied about Dr. Robert Lopez. Fortunately, Dr. Lopez recorded conversations with seminary leaders that proved the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) complained about Lopez’s conservative stands to Southwestern’s Provost.

According to the tapes, “Then, I happen to be around some folks from the ERLC, where your reputation is not good there with those folks. So now there’s a growing concern of mine in terms of a failure to relate constructively to another major entity of the SBC. Which in turn compounds the problem of failure to relate constructively to this institution.”

In other words, don’t get Russell Moore and his ERLC gang angry at you.

Fortunately, the lies were exposed on the national Eric Metaxas Show.

“I started recording because I just wanted to protect myself. So then after they put the termination notice then I made public statements to the effect that look this was what they had said they said if you continue writing about same-sex abuse and sexuality that you’re going to have to look for another job,” Lopez told Metaxas. “Then I was laid off. But then they issued a statement saying that I had made all of that up that they had never said that to me so then I released the audio.”

And the audio was a bombshell.

Metaxas said it best with his follow-up question: “What happened to Southwestern Seminary? What happened, because I thought of them before now as you know, these are good guys?”

Lopez pointed the finger right at Russell Moore’s liberal Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. Lopez told Metaxas:

“I think the Southern Baptist Convention has been the target of massive pressure because it’s the largest Protestant denomination,” Lopez said. “Southwestern is one of the six seminaries and so if you’ve seen seminary by seminary they’ve all come increasingly under the control of people who are tied into the same Network surrounding the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. I don’t know if you are familiar with the ethics and religious liberty Commission it’s run by someone named Russell Moore….

“In one of the meetings they actually said that he had spoken with the ERLC and that they had expressed that they had a low view of me and that was one of the reasons why the Provost felt that he couldn’t work constructively with me but I think what’s happening is that the ERLC was supposed to be a portal by which Southern Baptist values were disseminated outward to the media and to the government but I think the direction has gone in reverse and it’s a portal by which outside groups are able to impose their influence on Southern Baptists.”

Thanks to Eric Metaxas for highlighting this growing problem in the Southern Baptist Convention. He was one of the first voices warning about George Soros attempting to influence Evangelicals and now his show highlighted the Leftist use of the ERLC.

3 thoughts on “Southwestern lies exposed on Eric Metaxas Show”

  1. Russell Moore continues to insulate himself from having to answer for his massive administrative detours to the left, his gross theological leftward direction and his choice of philosophical companions all of which have combined to make Moore possibly the greatest Trojan Horse ever to be imported into the SBC.

    Moore suffers no platform of accountability to those challenging his repeated violations of SBC thelogical conservatism. Further, he consistently pursues what appears to be the satisfaction of an approbation-lust for the approval and company of worldly institutions, particularly various media such as the Wa.Po. or NYT, but as well, significantly compromised theological/philosophical groups in his distorted social justice crusadership campaigns.

    The fact that the ERLC has been caught, outright lying, in order to wrongfully terminate a professor who truly had done nothing ethically or theologically to warrant even a warning, ought not only scare the entirety of SBC members but more importantly, all professors of his pedigree, but should have set off an aggressive investigation with accountability in view of all SBC members. Someone or several people, have acted to violate ethics and trust in what the SBC wants prospective students and faculty to believe are institutions of integrity.

    The PCA ship is sinking fast. The SBC is the next boat over. It’s taking on water while new and unfamiliar officers hop aboard with no plans but to yield even further to the new leftist agenda and spend the hoards of money in the bank.

    Friends, it isn’t the outward destruction you’ll see because institutions have ways to sustain themselves, particularly accredited religious schools. It is the inward morphing which you will not see since they keep it as hidden as possible. They are the elites, you’re just plebe who are to hand over the money. They have the doctorates and you just a degree in being a mom or dad. What do you know?

    One day, the spiritual impotence will come en masse, as left-leaning social-justice pastors, one after the other, are let loose on congregations, and has begun already. Yes, they will bow to your statement of faith as they enter the door just as you can read Benny Hinn’s statement of beliefs which are quite orthodox. That really isn’t much of a hurdle. And then, the program begins and your church will never be the gospel church it was rather, it will, in all practicality, become a social institution for just that, social purposes, using a misinterpreted Bible as the means to dress all of it up in spiritual language.

    Wake-up, SBC Trustees, wake-up.

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