Democrats in the US Senate voted for infanticide. So, how does the president of the Southern Baptist Convention, J.D. Greear respond? By downplaying the obvious and overwhelming Democratic support for killing infants.

Greear tweeted, “This is not a Democrat or Republican issue. It is about whether to keep babies born alive, alive.”

The president of the Southern Baptist Convention can’t identify who is at fault for the Senate vote.

Is that shocking? He can’t even identify when a church is SBC or not. He asked the SBC Executive Committee to punish a non-SBC church.

Next, Greear will ask the Executive Committee to punish the Vatican.

Maybe he should wear SBC on his sleeve.

Compare Greear’s lame, tepid response to infanticide with this tweet from Dr. Michael L. Brown.

“Today, 44 Democrats voted AGAINST protecting the lives of newborn babies who survive abortion. This is beyond sick. It is satanic,” Brown tweeted.

From those two tweets, who is a better representative of where Southern Baptists stand on this issue? The non-Southern Baptist or the SBC guy who claims Muslims and Christians worship the same God?

Should we pretend Democrats aren’t at fault, when they demonstrably are? And why? To make Democratic-leaning church members feel comfortable?

God forbid.

Such church members should be made to feel uncomfortable in their sin. And yes, any Christian who votes for a Democrat is almost always sinning—for what can the people of God have to do with empowering infanticide?

Maybe Greear thinks, as one friend noted on Twitter, that the Bible whispers about infanticide just as it whispers about sexual sins.

It doesn’t whisper about either. God speaks clearly and loudly.

Yet again we learn J.D. Greear is not fit to lead the Southern Baptist Convention. He does not speak for the people. He does not speak the Word of God to this wicked generation who kills babies. We need a strong voice. A real leader for the Southern Baptist Convention. I urge all of you to join the movement to draft someone like Dr. Tom Ascol to stand against Greear in Birmingham this summer. We must begin the reformation of the Southern Baptist Convention at once.

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