Why did the SBC president J. D. Greear share a stage with a known anti-Semite?

Greear condemns, shuns Paige Patterson, but warmly talks with anti-Israel Imam.

The Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) should meet in emergency session to address this issue: Why did SBC president J.D. Greear share a stage with a known anti-Semite? And should he be censured for doing so?

Janet Mefferd laid out the case against Omar Suleiman. At the very least he is anti-Israel and very likely anti-Semitic. Suleiman compared Israel to Nazi’s and terrorists.

Rep. Lee Zeldin tweeted about Suleiman, “Totally unacceptable that @SpeakerPelosi had Omar Suleiman give the opening prayer yesterday in the House. He compares Israel to the Nazis & calls them terrorists, supports Muslim Brotherhood, incites violence calling for a Palestinian antifada & the end of zionism, etc. Bad call.”

Suleiman also supports the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement, according to Mefferd.

The Southern Baptist Convention is Pro-Israel. It has made that clear through resolutions. As recently as 2016, the SBC rejected the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement’s assault on Israel. The SBC declared, “RESOLVED, That we support the right of Israel to exist as a sovereign state and reject any activities that attack that right by promoting economic, cultural, and academic boycotts against Israel; and be it finally.”

However, the trend in among Elite Evangelicals is to embrace Social Justice. As Tom Copeland showed in the 2018 Spring-Summer edition of Providence—this is not only a secular or mainline problem. Copeland wrote, “Liberation theology has become the driving force behind Christian Anti-Zionism, inspiring the BDS movement within the mainline Protestant denominations, and making dangerous inroads among evangelical Christians.”

The SBC Executive Committee and the Southern Baptist Convention should seriously question Greear’s double standard.

Specifically, Greear will share a stage with a radical anti-Israel Imam, but shuns Paige Patterson.

Greear warned SBC churches from platforming Patterson. And he made the statement against Patterson to a secular newspaper. Here is Greear’s statement against Patterson:

“Trustees terminated Paige Patterson for cause, publicly disclosing that his conduct was ‘antithetical to the core values of our faith,’ ” Greear told the Chronicle. “I advise any Southern Baptist church to consider this severe action before having Dr. Patterson preach or speak and to contact trustee officers if additional information is necessary.”


Apparently, Greear thinks Patterson’s sins are worse than being an anti-Semite.

Or, maybe Greear is more concerned with being politically correct.

Contrast Greear’s attack on Patterson with his time with the Anti-Israel Imam:

That was certainly his posture during the dialogue with the Anti-Israel Imam. Greear talked about white, Christian privilege.

“I’m not trying to just be politically correct; I do understand that for an American Christian, particularly a white Christian, that there is still a heritage and a place of privilege that I would have in this culture,” Greear said.

White. Christian. Privilege.

Need more proof that the bitter fruits of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality are everywhere in the SBC Elite?

The Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee should do every Southern Baptist a favor—investigate this outrage and punish J.D. Greear.

Send a message: The SBC won’t tolerate this type of double standard, Woke nonsense. Send a message that Southern Baptists stand with Israel.

10 thoughts on “Southern Baptists must investigate, censure J.D. Greear”

  1. What’s up with the obnoxious Israeli flag at the top of this article? Why is the flag of a foreign, blaspheming country supposed to mean something to an American Christian? Is there some place in Scripture that I’ve never come across that says blasphemy is damnable unless you are a Jew? Cite book, chapter and verse, please.

    If any Israel idolater is reading this, can you help me understand why it’s a bigger deal that the Imam is anti-Israel than anti-Christ*? Why is that his outstanding feature? If he were “only” anti-Christ, would it suddenly be okay for Pope Greear to be the Imam’s BFF?

    (* I’m using the Scriptural definition of “anti-Christ,” not the Tim LaHaye one.)

    Israel and Talmudism is just as anti-Christ as the muslims are. The Gospel gives no race-based free rides. We’re only supposed to advocate for Christ—not his enemies. The NT is not ambiguous on this account in the slightest.

    How many billions of American taxpayer dollars have we sent to Israel for the past 70 years? How many trillions—with a T— have we wasted on wars for Israel? How many hundreds of thousands of people (at least)—including children—have we killed in our Middle East wars for Israel? And how many thousands of American lives have been lost or ruined because of our nation-wrecking Zionist foreign policy? I’d like John Hagee to answer that for me?

    And speaking of John Hagee, since he’s been gunning for Armageddon his whole adult life, I’d be interested to know why none of his children have ever joined the U.S. armed forces. Shouldn’t they be sharing in the fun of getting their legs blown off in some godforsaken sand pit that has no bearing on the national security of the American nation?

    One of the familiar neocon chants is that Israel is our greatest ally in the Middle East? Well who were our enemies there before we hitched our wagon to theirs more than 70 years ago? We kicked a hornet’s nest and they became radicalized.

    Where is the Christian part in all this? The essence of Scofieldism is that it supports the racial supremacist delusions of the Pharisees and the crowd who yelled “Give us Barabas!”

    And if all that any Scofield-ite can say is “That’s anti-Semitic!” and “Jesus was a Jew!” and “But Hitler!”, then try and remember that’s the same fallacious ploy used by liberals every time they hear something they don’t like but cannot refute. We really do not face such binary propositions.

    Love Christ with all your heart. Neither wish his enemies “God speed” (or the equivalent) nor hate and persecute them. Merely identifying and criticizing their actions and agendas is neither hatred nor persecution. Love his enemies by praying for their redemption. Seems pretty simple and Christian to me. What am I missing?

    Abraham’s true descendants are his spiritual descendants, not those by the flesh. And this does not leave Jews out since the Gospel applies to all humans, any of whom can be a spiritual descendant of Abraham. Scripture is emphatic in this regard and in others. If Christ could save Saul of Tarsus—and me—who can’t he save?

      1. Please quote my supposed high-mindedness. If not, you could always go back and reread my last two paragraphs (assuming you read them in the first place, which, it appears you didn’t).

        And before you call me high-minded again, I’d strenuously caution you against bearing false witness against me for the second time. God still doesn’t like it, and it’s still a sin.

        Now if you have any direct refutation of my facts as stated, or any Scriptural refutation of anything related to Scripture, then by all means let me have it. Good luck!

    1. Good point. The Koran says to kill Christians (and Jews). I think we should be more offended about the first part. When someone is only offended by the second part, there’s something afoul.

  2. I believe Christian Zionism is a Judaizing heresy. HOWEVER siding with Muslim Imams against Israel is a Muslimizing heresy. Christians should not care one way or another about the carnal fleshly nation calling itself Israel (unless they happen to live there). The church is the true Israel. The UN creation called “Israel” inhabited mainly by unbelieving ATHEISTS of supposeddly Jewish ethnicity is JUST LIKE any other nation: if it can hold the land (without stealing our tax money), so be it; if it can’t, so be it. Land promises to a fleahly Israel were nailed to the cross. But buddying up to Muslims is herest just like teaching that Jews have a divine deed to the land of Israel is heresy. Israel has no more imporance than Ukraine; and neither should be getting ANY foreign aide, especially military aide. And “Palestine” for sure should get zero.

  3. The Southern Baptist and Social Justice leadership (in this case they are the same) are simply progressive, anti-white liberals that have found a path to wealth and privilege by deconstructing America and Christianity.

    As they rake in millions of mostly tax free dollars , they assuage their conscious by virtue signaling their worldly values.

    Unfortunately, most Christians are now too timid to act, too afraid to protect their faith and family. Once again, the Left has sized up the Christian community and have rightly determined that the leadership of the SBC would rather just get along rather than fight for the Kingdom of God.

  4. Wow! Antisemitism is alive and well in the Southern Baptist (and I’m talking about some of the comments too).

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