National Christian radio host Janet Mefferd pointed out that Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear appeared at an Interfaith dialogue with an Anti-Israel, Anti-Zionist and possibly anti-Semitic Muslim Imam. The event was billed as a discussion of religious liberty and hospitality in a diverse society. It was held at North Carolina State University by the Veritas Forum. However, Mefferd pointed out several issues with the Muslim cleric sharing the stage with SBC President Greear.

Mefferd asked, “SBC president J.D. Greear, CRU & InterVarsity are playing footsie with an imam who’s promoted jihad against Israel, called Israel an ‘apartheid regime’ and keynoted a fundraiser for CAIR. Are you people nuts?”

Mefferd didn’t stop there.

Mefferd asked why Evangelical Elites like Greear have a different standard for dealing with racism.

Mefferd said, “Yes, and it is high time we have a substantive discussion about the growing tolerance of anti-Semitism in the SBC/evangelicalism. The Woke crowd wouldn’t touch even a RUMORED ‘white nationalist’ with a 10-foot pole, but anti-Israel imams are totally fine?”

These are important questions. Why are some sins rebuked and others winked at?

Greear used the event to take a swipe at Conservative Trump voters. As we reported Friday, Greear said a “posture of fear” was driving some evangelical political behavior including overlooking faults of a “strongman” in exchange for political protection.

And as Evangelical Elites condemn Trump supporting Christians, they ignore the rise of Anti-Zionism in Evangelical circles.

As Tom Copeland detailed in Spring-Summer 2018 issue of Providence: A Journal of Christianity and American Foreign Policy“Liberation theology has become the driving force behind Christian Anti-Zionism, inspiring the BDS movement within the mainline Protestant denominations, and making dangerous inroads among evangelical Christians.”

And Copeland wrote, “With the advent of a social justice approach to understanding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Anti-Zionism is poised to shape Christian millennials and the future of evangelical support for Christian Zionism.”

Social Justice Theology is a growing problem. Now, are SBC Elites legitimizing these dangerous views by an interfaith dialogue with a well-known Anti-Israel, Anti-Zionist Imam?

Mefferd thinks so. What do you think? How does the average Southern Baptist feel about their SBC President sharing the stage with a Muslim Imam with a record of anti-Israeli statements?

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  1. Apparently the word “Imam” or “Muslim” cues google ad sense to provide ads about sexy flight attendants. Sound about right.

  2. Multiculturalism is man’s attempt to undo the Babylonian curse. That’s why it doesn’t work and never will.

  3. The worst thing about the SBC’s new Muslim pal is that he, like all Muslims, is of a religion that lies about Christ and emphatically denies him. Scripture says we’re not supposed to wish such people “God speed.” Some people—if they remember that at all—probably think they’re okay as long as they don’t literally wish someone like that ”God speed,” thereby missing the spirit of the directive.

  4. i am a born-again christian who spent quite a bit of time growing up in SBC churches; my parents were involved in the church, but all i ever saw was the dirty underbelly of church politics, so when i grew up, i became an atheist. Jesus reached me after more than 20 years, when i was finally able to understand the astounding gift that He offered to me. i now realize that *all* human organizations are filled with political activity, that we are all sinners, and that no christian is perfect.

    in the years after 9/11, i struggled to understand why 19 people would kill themselves to murder innocent civilians rather than striking at the u.s. military. i tried reading the quran, but it was incomprehensible, and i didn’t get very far before i gave up. finally, around 2013 or so, i stumbled across several websites whose authors explained that the quran is the word of allah, and nothing else (except for a few times, when allah swears by himself). i also learned that unlike christianity, islamic scripture is found in separate manuscripts, of which the quran is the most respected, since it is the word of allah. the “traditions” of muhammed are brief stories (each called a hadith) about muhammed and the first muslims, collected by early muslims (but no earlier than more than a century after muhammed died), with each such story explaining something that happened to the muslims, and how muahammed and allah determined that the issue should be handled. these stories were collected because muhammed and allah told the first muslims that their previous notions of good and evil were wrong, and that only allah and his messenger, muhammed, could determine what evil and good were. allah tells us more than 90 times in the quran that muhammed is the perfect model of behavior, so muhammed has become known as the al-insan al-kamil (the perfect man) and the uswa hasana (the model of behavior for every muslim) among muslims. for sunni muslims (~90% to 95% of all muslims), there are 6 highly-respected such collections. the last part of islamic scripture is called the sira; the first of these, and the most respected, is by ibn ishaq, and is called “Sirat Rasul Allah,” meaning the story of the apostle of allah. ibn ishaq collected his hadith and put them into chronological order, making his collection a biography of muhammed.

    throughout muslim history, most people have been peasants. the printing press made little impact on the ummah (the worldwide community of muslims), because peasants have no need to read; it wasn’t until western colonization happened that far more people learned to read (and it was because the colonizers taught them). since the peasants couldn’t read, they got their information about the details of islam from their local imams, who could read and write, and could also speak arabic, the only language in which allah accepts prayers, as well as the local language. similar things took place in europe, of course, with christianity and latin, and peasants learning about christianity from the local priest, but the protestant reformation caused a tidal wave of bibles to see print so that the locals could read the word of God in their own language. in the 20th century, as well as the 21st, almost everybody on the planet could get a copy of the bible in his own language. fortunately for us, the quran, the traditions (the kutub alsittah), and the sira are all available in most languages as well, but mostly because of the efforts of western scholars, not because muslims translated it (they don’t need to do so, since the only important people all speak arabic, and allah will only speak arabic). it is now possible to get a copy of the entire corpus of islamic scripture on-line for virtually no cost, and i encourage all to do exactly that so that they can learn about the cult of islam for themselves.

    one important piece of information that is missing from this article is what allah himself says about jews in the quran:
    they are the strongest of all people in enmity toward the Muslims;
    2:79; 3:75, 3:181:
    they fabricate things and falsely ascribe them to allah;
    they claim that allah’s power is limited;
    they love to listen to lies;
    they disobey allah and never observe his commands;
    they are disputing and quarreling;
    they hide the truth and mislead people;
    they staged rebellion against the prophets and rejected their guidance;
    2:14; 2:44:
    they are hypocritical;
    they give preference to their own interests over the teachings of muhammed;
    they wish evil for people and try to mislead them;
    they feel pain when others are happy or fortunate;
    they are arrogant about their being allah’s beloved people;
    they devour people’s wealth by subterfuge;
    they slander the true religion and are cursed by allah;
    they killed the prophets;
    they are merciless and heartless;
    they never keep their promises or fulfill their words;
    they are unrestrained in committing sins;
    they are cowardly;
    they are miserly;
    2:63-65; 5:59-60; 7:166:
    they were transformed into apes and pigs for breaking the sabbath;
    they are under allah’s curse;
    muslims should wage war against them and subjugate them under Islamic hegemony.
    this is supposed to be God Himself talking, telling the ummah how horrible jews are. thus, is it any surprise that one of the most respected traditions (sahih muslim 6985) tells muslims that “[t]he last hour [will] not come unless the muslims … fight against the jews[,] and the muslims would kill them until the jews would hide themselves behind a stone or tree[,] and the stone or tree would say, ‘muslim or servant of allah: there is a jew behind me[;] kill him …?'” *S*U*R*E*L*Y* this imam who met with mr. greear knows of these scriptures, which begs the question why he isn’t even *more* virulently anti-semitic, as islamic scriptures command him to be? it is simply not possible that *ANY* imam is *NOT* an anti-semite, unless he is radically modifying islam for his own purposes.

    either the SBC throws out the blind leaders and replaces them with believers, or it will become yet another empty social club that meets on sundays, if anybody bothers to show up – much like the anglican and catholic churches of much of EUrabia, where the clergy often doesn’t even believe in the divinity of Jesus (then WHY BOTHER with being a clergyman? … except for the state salary, of course). i am praying hard for the folks of the SBC (and the anglican and catholic churches as well, where there *are* still believers), but the choice is up to them.

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