An employee of the Southern Baptist Convention responded to complaints about SBC President J.D. Greear appearing on stage with an anti-Israel and likely anti-Semitic Imam by calling it all Fake News! Here’s the email supplied to us:

Thank you for your inquiry, but we know nothing about the validity of President Greear appearing with an anti-Semitic Imam. This false story may have originated from an unreliable website. Here is a story from our own Baptist Press about the meeting with the Muslim leader.

Civility and interfaith dialog were the reasons for the meeting. SBC leaders over the years have met with many religious leaders of other faiths to have such discussions. In the article, President Greear did express his belief that Christians do want to share their witness with Muslims. Many of us have also taken the time to share our faith with Muslim believers. That is what the Great Commission is all about.

We hope this is helpful.

Show me your ways O Lord: teach me your paths. Psalms 25:4

Office of Convention Relations

Office of Convention Relations
Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention
901 Commerce Street
Nashville, TN 37203

Let’s analyze this email. It is the perfect mix of cynicism and deceit. It is a virtuoso demonstration of obscurantism.

The SBC employee writes, “We know nothing about the validity of President Greear appearing with an anti-Semitic Imam.”

Fair enough. If you know nothing of it, then thank the writer of the email and promise to investigate and send an official response. But, they continue.

“This false story may have originated from an unreliable website.”

Hold on a second.

You said you didn’t know anything about it and now you are calling it false?

But, it isn’t false.

The Jerusalem Post wrote about the Imam’s anti-Israel past—a past filled with anti-Semitic statements. First, the JPost reported, “Israel-bashing Imam delivers opening prayer at House of Representatives.” Next, the Jerusalem Post reported, “The implications of Suleiman’s religious teaching are clear: Muslims must strive to end Jewish sovereignty and ‘restore’ Jerusalem and the holy land “to the way that it was” under Muslim rule.”

So, to call the reports about Greear appearing on stage with Omar Suleiman false, that means the Jerusalem Post must be fake news too.

And it wasn’t just this website that reported the questionable wisdom of appearing on stage with an Anti-Israel Imam. There were tweets from Janet Mefferd and other national radio hosts. Mefferd dedicated her show Monday morning to discussing this problem. Reformation Charlotte posted two stories on this here and here.

But, all of that is Fake News!

Especially, that pesky Jerusalem Post.

How convenient for the SBC Elites.

And as if all that were not enough, the SBC employee refers the concerned Southern Baptist writer to a press release, wait, I’m sorry, a “story” on Greear’s interfaith dialogue.

If someone wants a press release, they can find Baptist Press on their own.

There are few actual news sources that cover the Southern Baptist Convention. You can find them—most are independent sources on the Evangelical Dark Web and some are state convention outlets like the Baptist Message (Louisiana).

Unfortunately, the public relations and communication team at the Southern Baptist Convention main office is lying about conservative outlets—all because they don’t appreciate the conservatives exposing the truth.

That’s sad.

That’s unchristian.

That’s what your CP giving supports.

If Ronnie Floyd wants to fix the Southern Baptist Convention—he needs to clean house among the Explainer-types who routinely lie to protect the SBC Elites.

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  1. There are dozens of Muslim countries for those in the SBC who believe that the Great Commission cannot be fulfilled here in America merely by witnessing to the tens of millions of alienated white guys—many of whom have been fleeing the liberalism that has poisoned modern day American churches. (It’s not much fun to be called a white supremacist for simply not wanting the once Christian homeland of your forefathers to be handed over to the world’s hostile heathen.) White guys are not just evil, but they’re boring and not nearly exotic enough to get the self-appointed GoodPeople interested. If they think Muslims are an extra special mission field, they should hop on a plane to the Muslim country that will allow them access. Or at least set up shop in Dearborn, Michigan, where Muslims rule the roost.

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