Janet Mefferd Show highlighted problematic comments made by Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear during Monday’s broadcast.

Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear revealed a friendship between Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) mega-church pastor Matt Chandler and the Anti-Israel Imam Omar Suleiman. Greear shared the stage with the Muslim cleric during an interfaith dialogue last Thursday evening at North Carolina State University. Greear encouraged Christians to fight for religious liberty and become friends with Muslims.

However, Suleiman has said many troubling things regarding Israel. According to secular media sources like the Jerusalem Post.

Greear said Village Church pastor Matt Chandler is a close friend with Suleiman. Greear said,

“We found out over dinner that Omar and I have a mutual friend in Matt Chandler. Some of you know who Matt Chandler is—he is a pastor out where Omar lives in Texas. So, I took a picture and sent it to him. Matt immediately texted back and said, ‘That’s good people right there.’ He said you guys are pretty close. He said, ‘He’s a great guy,’ and these are his words and not mine, ‘The fact that he is a rabid LSU fan, which is kind of annoying and makes him a punk.’”

This is offensive.

LSU fans aren’t punks.

Obnoxious? Sure.

But not punks.

But that’s minor stuff.

The real problem is why a Southern Baptist Convention mega-church pastor would call an anti-Israel and likely anti-Semitic Imam, “Good People?”

Is being anti-Israel a good thing?

As we’ve pointed out over the last few days, the Social Justice movement growing within evangelical denominations is causing serious changes in the way Christians view Israel.

Is Chandler’s close relationship with an Anti-Israel Imam a sign of the changing views within the SBC?


5 thoughts on “Matt Chandler called Anti-Israel Imam ‘Good People’”

  1. It is for certain a sign of conforming to the world and secondly the entire and only purpose for the SBC is to promote SBC churches and Jesus.

  2. Again, I ask, but now more explicitly:

    What is the worst thing about the Imam?

    A) That he is “anti-semitic.”

    B) That he is a Muslim—which is one of many false, satanic belief systems that overtly rejects Jesus Christ, but no more so than Babylonian Talmudism?

    Why is saying things that Zionists don’t like worse than promoting a satanic, Christ-rejecting belief system, which this Imam here is obviously doing by the use of the Mohamed-approved tactic called taqiya (or “taqiyya”)?

    In whom does the loyalty and love of a Scofield-ite reside? Onward “Christian” Zionists!

  3. Its probably because Muslims also believe in fatalism like the Calvinist Leftists do.

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