And they won’t answer questions about their lies

The Southern Baptist Convention’s Elites including its official press arm—Baptist Press—spread fake news about many current and former members of First Baptist Church of Naples, Florida. Leaders like SBC President J.D. Greear, and seminary president Daniel Akin along with many publications in the SBC alleged racism in a vote over a new pastor at the Florida church. They did so without any evidence. And still cannot produce any evidence of this alleged racism. It is despicable.

Many Evangelical Dark Web outlets like Reformation Charlotte told this story for months. Breaking story after story about the false narrative. And now, Julie Roys has the latest account adding names on the record to contradict the lies spread by Greear, Akin and Baptist Press.

It is a troubling report. SBC Elites smeared good Southern Baptist Christians to make a political point.

And they have no evidence. And they aren’t willing to explain themselves. Roys and Josh Shepherd write,

“We reached out to leaders at FBC Naples about a dozen times, seeking evidence for the racism charge, as well as comment on other issues at the church, but no one responded.

“We likewise contacted SBC President J.D. Greear, SEBTS President Danny Akin, and Rev. Dwight McKissic for comment, but none responded.”

None responded.



These SBC Elites think they are above answering to anyone.

Yet, these men routinely complain about “false allegations.” Akin famously cried about “rumors and false statements” against his seminary.

Talk about a double standard.

But double standards are what the SBC Elite specialize in—one set of rules for themselves and another for everyone else.

J.D. Greear appeared on stage with an anti-Semitic Imam but encouraged Southern Baptist churches to shun Paige Patterson.

Read the Roys’ story about FBC Naples. You’ll see the falsehoods and hear good Southern Baptists defending themselves.

We must hold these Southern Baptist Elites responsible for spreading Fake News.

Why can Baptist Press outright lie about the Evangelical Immigration Table’s ties to George Soros? Also, see how Baptist Press quoted an NIF rep who blogged for the George Soros group.

Why can these SBC Elites allege racism at First Baptist Church of Naples and then arrogantly hide when the independent press like Roys simply asks for evidence?

These SBC Elites repeated lies. They repeated gossip about these good Southern Baptists.

Doesn’t the Bible have a few words about those spreading false tales?

Or, does that only apply to the Little People?

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  1. Just look at it from practical considerations: There is nothing wrong with a church being made up of one race. It will make disciplinary decisions easier. Instead of “oh the pastor has been havjng sex with teenagers so we better fire him and repoet him to the police….oh wait we’re white and he’s black so we better sweep it under the rug and cover up his crines lest we be accused of racism.” Mix-race congregations just lead to covering up sexual abuse so as to not look racist. You can’t be worried about being acuaed of racism for exposing a pedofile, or disfellowshipping an adulteeer…but you will be in a mixed race church, so it compromizes the gospel and the safety of the children in the church.

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