SBC President’s speech to Executive Committee alleges Conservative Baptist Network are liars; uses confusing terms like ‘Gospel Diversity.’

Ronnie Floyd: Denies SBC ‘going liberal’ despite evidence to the contrary.

There is a leftward drift in the Southern Baptist Convention. Everyone knows it. That’s why the Conservative Baptist Network formed. (Find out more about the Conservative Baptist Network: what it stands for and why it was formed.) However, Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear attacked the new group and insulted its members during a speech to the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention. As we said last night, these SBC Elites should watch their tone!

Greear said, “Don’t launch a network that says it is about the recovery of conservative theology or the mission when it’s really not.”

Get that?

Greear called the Conservative Baptist Network, its founders and members liars.

Greear alleges the CBN is deceptive.

Greear alleges that Dr. Brad Jurkovich, Rod D. Martin, and former New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary President Chuck Kelley aren’t honestly concerned about the leftward drift of the SBC.

This is either a cynical manipulative ploy by Greear, or Greear is so far left he doesn’t detect any leftward drift in the SBC.

We will leave that to you, readers, to draw your own conclusion.

This type of slander–this type of false witness–requires that Greear and the SBC Executive Committee release a full transcript of the event. Southern Baptists have a right to know what else Greear said.

And Southern Baptists have a reason for concern.

Greear also provided other confusing remarks. Greear said, “Healing racial wounds and achieving gospel diversity takes patience and perseverance.”

I thought there was only one Gospel?

This shows the intellectual bankruptcy of the SBC Elite. They believe if you combine a hot political buzzword with the Gospel, then you make it 10x more popular.

What’s next?

Gospel Voting?

Gospel Cooking?

Floyd says SBC not ‘going liberal’

SBC Executive Committee President & CEO Ronnie Floyd offered his thoughts on SBC critics during his presentation. Floyd said, “Some say we’re going liberal… No we are not!”

Oh? Then why does Russell Moore still have a job at the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC)? Moore insulted conservatives during the 2016 election cycle and promotes radical immigration reform plans promoted by George Soros. Hey, Moore even partners with the Soros-funded National Immigration Forum (NIF) to run the Evangelical Immigration Table.

That doesn’t sound very conservative to anyone.

Why does SBC Presidential candidate Albert Mohler employ as Provost a man who claims he is a white supremacist? Why does Mohler employ one of the men responsible for the infamous Resolution 9—the resolution where the Southern Baptist Convention approved the use of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality?

Do we even need to list all the problems at Southeastern? Giving Voice to Malcolm X? Bringing in as speaker someone who declares Rev. Jeremiah Wright as their ministry hero? (Remember Rev. Wright? Obama’s G-d d-mn America?)

And the list goes on and on and on and on.

It includes the wicked lineup of this year’s Pastor’s Conference.

It includes the power politics of Kevin Ezell’s North American Mission Board.

There are problems in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Many are related to the leftward tilt of the SBC Elites.

It is time to join the Conservative Baptist Network. Send a message to these Elites.

Also, remember that Albert Mohler is the status quo candidate. He must be defeated in Orlando.


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