Who Al Mohler platforms and defends shows Mohler is unfit to lead the Southern Baptist Convention.

Daniel Akin got into a little trouble on Twitter this week. Conservatives weren’t happy with his decision to hire a questionable professor. When confronted on Twitter, Akin panicked and shared incorrect information about the professor. (Akin called the new professor a complementarian, but she rejects that label.) When confronted over the incorrect information, he doubled down on his defense. So, how do the elites in the Southern Baptist Convention respond?

They circle the wagons.

They bring in the big guns.

Al Mohler tweets his support.

Mohler said of Akin, “One of my closest colleagues for more than two decades and a man I would trust with my whole heart. He is a brother who has fought the good fight for his entire adult life.”

For those who have forgotten, when Southern Baptists were outraged at liberal, progressive Russell Moore’s conduct in the 2016 presidential campaign, Dr. Mohler defended him with what amounted to the Southern Baptist Get Out of Jail Free Card™. Mohler declared, “I know Russell Moore’s heart.”

Here’s how he publicly defended and enabled a progressive who works with George Soros funded groups to continue leading the SBC’s political engagement: “I know his heart and his character and his love for the Southern Baptist Convention. I also have confidence in his ability to serve all Southern Baptists as president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.” (Source)



Mohler enables these liberals, but never holds them accountable.

Just like Mohler supposedly opposed Resolution 9 in Birmingham. That infamous resolution approved Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality as useful “Analytical Tools” for Christians to use. Mohler didn’t go to a microphone—the only way his voice would be heard and the resolution stopped.

Instead, Mohler wrote about it after the convention.

He strongly condemned it.

But, by that point, it didn’t matter.

Al Mohler has a history of this. He says one thing and does another.

He doesn’t like Critical Race Theory. He says it is Identity Politics and will destroy the United States and the Church.

Yet, he employs as Provost at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Matthew J. Hall. Hall claims all white people are infected with racism because of the systemic racism present in North America and our natural sin problem.

“I’m a racist because I have a heartbeat and until I have a glorified and completely sanctified body, soul and mind I’m going to be doing battle with sin. And guess what. Racism is sin,” Hall said while teaching a class on Racial Reconciliation.

This mirrors other presentations by Hall promoting the ideas that all white people are racists.

What was Mohler’s response?

Delete most of the evidence.

Articles published by Southern Seminary and videos produced by Southern were systematically scrubbed from the Internet.

Mohler admitted he ordered their removal.

According to The Federalist, “When asked why one of Hall’s articles on the Southern Seminary website affirming critical race theory was scrubbed, Mohler replied forthrightly, ‘Because I asked for it to be scrubbed. It was because I did not think it was helpful…If I thought Matt Hall was a danger to the church of Jesus Christ, he would not be the provost of Southern Baptist Seminary.’”

However, Mohler nor Hall apologized for the dangerous ideas promoted by Hall and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

How Mohler runs Southern is a good indicator of how he would function as President of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Mohler will not govern as a conservative answer to the progressive J.D. Greear and Russell Moore wing of the SBC. Mohler will continue their trend of promoting Identity Politics.

Al Mohler is the wrong man at the wrong time to lead the SBC.

Southern Baptists need a real conservative. One who will stand up to Russell Moore, Daniel Akin and the others taking the SBC down the Woke Social Justice path.

Reminder: These are all the leaders Al Mohler platformed. How many of them are Social Justice Warriors?

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