Abuse Reform Implementation Task Force Team Member floats trial balloon that entire SBC is responsible for abuse anywhere in SBC.

Your tiny, autonomous Baptist church just might be on the hook for some pervert working at a megachurch if a push by Woke SBC Elites comes to fruition. As the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) grapples with its response to sex abuse at autonomous churches, some involved in the process are floating the idea that every SBC cooperating church is responsible for abuse at any SBC cooperating church.

According to Abuse Reform Implementation Task Force Team member Todd Benkert, “Finally, and here I think is where I will get the most pushback, there is at least some responsibility for us as a denomination toward abuse that happens in ANY of our churches.”

You in a rural Alabama church are at least somewhat responsible for abuse at say a Dallas area megachurch. Or, more precisely, the dollars you and your members give to mission work through the Cooperative Program are at least somewhat up for grabs to the Woke SBC Elite and their lawyer buddies.

Oh, and in case you missed it, Benkert makes clear he wants to make your church pay for perverts that have no connection with your tiny congregation.

Benkert said, “Now, the extent of our collective responsibility and what amends looks like denominationally is something I think we need to seriously consider, but I don’t think that as a Convention we can say that the responsibility to make things right lies entirely elsewhere.”

Your tiny church has no say in who is hired at the church down the road, so Woke SBC Elites want to make you pay for abuse five states away.

This was always the end game of the “abuse” reform crowd. They want to loot the CP of dollars. They are ignoring the pleas of sex abuse victims and alleged survivors. Woke SBC Elites use these victims and alleged victims as political pawns in PR stunts. Yet, they are ignored when no longer useful.

And Todd Benkert was heavily involved and exposed as a liar during the Woke SBC Elite attempt to blackmail Tom Buck and Jennifer Buck.

These are the sleazy people trying to divert money from missions to pay lawyers and create a slush fund to pay “victims.” Do you trust them?

If not, then you can either leave the SBC or show up to vote out the bums in New Orleans at the SBC’s Annual Meeting in June.