Believe All Women? Only when it suits Leftists.

An alleged abuse victim who recently sued several Southern Baptist entities now claims that two young Southern Baptists used her as a prop during the recent Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Nashville.

According to a tweet from Hannah-Kate Williams, Grant Gaines and Ronnie Parrot used her as a prop. She tweeted, “You guys were right. Grant and Ronnie were using me as a prop. I didn’t realize it then. But now I see it.”

You can see the entire tweet in this screenshot.

The tweet drew an important reaction—calling for an investigation of what Hannah-Kate claims.

According to Tom Ascol, “This is horrible. Why would @DGrantGaines & @ronniep do such a thing? There should be a full, 3rd-party investigation into this & the results made public to the SBC. @SBCExecComm.”

Of course, there will not be an investigation of this because of the J.D. Greear loyalists now tilting the Executive Committee slightly Leftist-Woke. (This is why Southern Baptists hear only silence from the Executive Committee about liar & plagiarist Ed Litton. The Executive Committee has the power to remove Litton from office. It has yet to do its job.)

The alleged abuse victim served her purpose. The purpose was to make some like Grant Gaines appear compassionate and a new breed of SBC pastor. In other words, this was a show by a self-serving virtue signaling political climber who was more than willing to participate in a Leftist political hit.

In another tweet, alleged abuse victim Hannah-Kate Williams said, “The SBC: where one side will say you’re Potiphar’s wife and lying about your abuse and being paid as a political ploy to destroy them while the other side is willing to stand by you and survivors bc it damages their opponents until it makes them uncomfortable bc we’re too much.”

There is truth here. One side is willing to use anyone to further their political agenda. Leftists claim to be for women and abuse victims and too often that is only lip service. The support stops at the point that support becomes expensive—and expensive in SBC life is that it jeopardizes either climbing the political ladder to power or harming the Cooperative Program.

Naturally, this leaves abuse victims feeling hurt and exploited yet again.

There is no doubt that abuse victims are angry at the SBC for not doing more.

It is also true that there is very little the SBC can do about local, autonomous churches. This naturally creates frustration. Abuse victims want justice. The SBC’s polity is ill-suited to provided it.

Thus, about the only thing the SBC can do is expel churches who refuse to discipline those guilty of sex crimes.

However, if the SBC wants to help abuse victims, then perhaps the Leftist political faction should stop exploiting abuse victims for political shows at the Convention.

What is needed is real action. Stop exploiting people and their pain for political gain.