Rod D. Martin

Leftist attacks on conservative merit a response—a legal response that Rod Martin promises.

It is no longer safe for Leftist pastors to lie about conservative Christians. Rod Martin put the liars on notice—that if they continue to spread a known lie, they will face a lawsuit. The latest blatant lies come from the Hillary Clinton voting Pastor Dwight McKissic.

I added the Hillary Clinton voting part so you will know without a shadow of a doubt that McKissic is a Leftist.

Also, it shows that there is no such thing as church discipline in the Southern Baptist Convention. If the SBC took church discipline seriously, the members of McKissic’s church would expel him as pastor for such a sin as voting for a pro-abortion fanatic. However, they did not.

And if the SBC took church discipline seriously, McKissic’s church would be expelled from the SBC by the Credentials Committee. Because no church with such an apostate pastor can be considered in friendly cooperation.

So, it is without controversy that McKissic is unqualified to be a pastor by voting for baby killing politicians and the SBC will not punish him—thus, it falls to individuals to defend themselves from libels.

McKissic’s calumnies directed at Rod Martin are demonstrably false. McKissic claimed that Rod Martin supports the Lost Cause of the Confederacy and believes racist things. To call these lies does not do the libel justice. This is demonic, which is to say typical Leftist behavior.

McKissic said of Rod Martin, “Here we have an advocate of The Lost Cause on the executive committee of the SBC. That, and that alone is just cause to remove, not just censure him.”

And as you noticed, McKissic wants the SBC Executive Committee to remove the conservative Rod Martin. You should also take notice that McKissic has not demanded Ed Litton resign or be removed for being an unrepentant liar and plagiarist.

In fact, the Leftist Hillary Clinton voting Dwight McKissic defended Ed Litton! In fact, McKissic attacked Dr. Jason Allen for pointing out that plagiarism has no place among pastors.

But, back to McKissic’s lies about Martin.

According to McKissic, “The Lost Cause theory argues slavery was noble & beneficial to AAs. Therefore, the Confederacy was justified & motivated by moral actions, simply protecting the southern lifestyle. It’s racist to the core. Rod Martin currently serves on the SBC EC as an advocate. EC, do your job!”

McKissic claims a screenshot of an article Martin wrote blasting racism is proof that Martin is a racist.

The article by Martin written in 2002 is a clear repudiation of racism. Of course, what liar Dwight McKissic believes is racist is the opening lines where Martin says he is a Southerner and not ashamed to be a Southerner.

In fact, this might be the most revealing line in the entire Martin essay that liar McKissic finds upsetting. Martin writes, “God hates the lies we tell about His transcendent work when we practice racism, particularly in His Name. It’s long past time we learn the lesson: He will not abide it in His people.”

How racist!

Or, actually, not racist and a call for Christians to repudiate racism and find reconciliation in Christ.

One of McKissic’s young cronies who now attends his church and once bragged he was voting for Joe Biden—David Bumgardner joined in the lies and attacks.

Do you see what is going on here?  

We have a Hillary Clinton voting pastor joined by a Joe Biden voting brat attacking a conservative Southern Baptist based on lies.

The only response is to treat these men as if they are not Christians. Since they have not recanted their lies and are unrepentant—then they must be treated as pagans. Thus, all Christians harmed by them are now free to sue them and seek justice before the magistrate.

Fortunately, justice is what Rod Martin now promises.

Martin said, “Dwight McKissic is an outright liar, and this is libel. I have opposed this evil his Democrat Party did to America all my life, in slavery, secession, Jim Crow, and now the CRT he defends. He knows this. He can apologize or lawyer up. I’m waiting, but not for long.”

Martin also linked to this video presentation where he points out that Civil War era Democrats practice the same type of racial division that modern Democrats’ practice—and that this divides a class of people so that Elites can maintain rule.

What this means: If Leftists show who they are, then feel free to treat them as the enemy because that is what they are.

Conservative Southern Baptists are now the targets of Leftist political smears. It is not shocking. These Leftists studied Russell Moore and know the Democrat playbook because, well, they are Democrats.

We’ve established McKissic voted for pro-baby killing Hillary Clinton. McKissic’s crony Bumgardner voted for Joe Biden.

Enough said. These guys are sub-Christian. Now that they’ve spread their libels, it is time for the courts to render justice. And, one day, their calumnies will face an even greater judge.

We can prayerfully shout as the prophet, “But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.”

Until that time, treat Leftists like what they are. Christians must stop acting giving Democrats the benefit of the doubt.

Stop pretending Dwight McKissic is a Christian. He’s a demonic liar and Democrat.