Discovery set to conclude March 3 in McRaney v. NAMB. Trial scheduled for June 5.

The President of the North American Mission Board (NAMB) Kevin Ezell is scheduled to sit for a deposition in a civil suit filed against NAMB. Ezell’s deposition is scheduled for February 17, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The lawsuit involves allegations that Kevin Ezell used NAMB in a personal vendetta to destroy Will McRaney by exerting influence to have McRaney fired as a state convention executive director and then using trustees and friends to keep McRaney from finding other employment. At the time, McRaney had written the best selling personal evangelism book and was widely considered an expert on evangelism. However, Ezell (and email evidence already made public confirms this) repeatedly lied about McRaney.

Will Kevin Ezell be asked about any attempted collusion between himself and his buddy Russell Moore?  

Other depositions looming for NAMB include current and former trustees including Danny de Armas. De Armas is widely known for his leftist views of diversity and for his church baptizing unrepentant homosexuals. However, de Armas was involved in NAMB’s response to the McRaney situation too. De Armas will sit for a deposition on February 16, 2023. An entertaining side note, de Armas’ brother was an early legal advisor to Will McRaney.

Others scheduled to be deposed include Steve Davis on February 9, 2023, and Mike Ebert on March 1, 2023. Jeff Christopherson was deposed earlier this year.

NAMB scheduled depositions of Will McRaney and his wife Sandy McRaney for this week. Odd that NAMB decided to force Will’s wife Sandy to sit for a deposition considering she was not involved in any of the matters in dispute. Was this an attempt to bully the McRaney family? That seems like the only possible reason. However, it is doubtful that will work and shows just how desperate NAMB and its lawyers really are. After all, NAMB and its lawyers have repeatedly lied to federal courts.

Trial is scheduled for McRaney v. NAMB on June 5, 2023. That is the week before the Southern Baptist Convention gathers for its Annual Meeting set for New Orleans this  year.