No leftward drift? While secular forces fight the LGBTQ ideology promoted by Disney, the Southern Baptist Convention continues to hawk discounted Disneyland tickets on the SBC website.

Last night hundreds protested outside the gates of Disney headquarters to launch a Boycott Disney movement. Parents are upset that the Woke corporation and its executives are promoting LGBTQ sexual ideology to young children.

Chris Rufo tweeted out this video and explained, “Parents in Southern California have organized a rally to #BoycottDisney. They want the company to stop promoting gender ideology to children.”

Drew Hernandez of Frontlines tweeted out video from the rally showing a Disney cast member speaking to the crowd.

Hernandez said, “A conservative Disney Employee says ‘it’s gotten very hard to be someone with conservative values’ working for Disney in front of the Disney HQ in Burbank CA.”

As secular conservative forces battle the Disney ideology and stand up for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the new Florida law protecting young children from sexual indoctrination in schools, the Southern Baptist Convention continues to sell discounted tickets on the SBC Annual Meeting webpage.

As of the morning of April 7, 2022, the SBC Executive Committee’s Road to Anaheim page still promoted the podcast and link to discounted Disneyland tickets.

This stubborn insistence to promote a Woke corporation continues despite repeated conservative demands the SBC Elites stop doing so.

A diverse group of Southern Baptists called on the SBC Executive Committee to cease promoting Disney after reports of Disney’s Woke sexual stands became public.

SBC Presidential candidate Tom Ascol wisely asked Southern Baptists to not support Disney. Ascol said, “Stop giving money to people who want to pervert our children. If they are bent on destroying families, don’t pay them to do it—even if they offer you a discounted rate.”

The Conservative Baptist Network released a statement denouncing the sexualization of children by corporations like Disney. The CBN asked Southern Baptists to not support Disney with their money.

The CBN statement said, ““While Southern Baptist Convention leaders have announced an arrangement with Disney that offers messengers attending the SBC Annual Meeting in Anaheim discounted tickets to Disneyland this summer, the Conservative Baptist Network urges Southern Baptists to choose another family activity rather than support the anti-biblical agenda now clearly present within the Disney corporation.”

However, so far, the SBC Elites continue to follow the wicked Russell Moore surrender plan to avoid upsetting Disney. Our SBC Elites prefer collaboration and appeasement of our Culture War adversaries.

In other words, SBC Elites continue not only ignoring the problem but actively giving aid to the forces seeking to destroy our children with LGBTQ sexual ideology.

This is the hour that families need help in the fight against Woke corporations like Walt Disney. Will the SBC do the right thing or continue its leftward drift? Where is the Southern Baptist Convention in this hour of need?