Compare SBC Elite Jimmy Scroggins with the clear leadership of outsider Tom Ascol.

Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) Presidential candidate Tom Ascol called on the SBC to stop promoting Disney.

Ascol tweeted, “Hey, Southern Baptists, this is a bad idea. Stop giving money to people who want to pervert our children. If they are bent on destroying families, don’t pay them to do it—even if they offer you a discounted rate.

Currently, the SBC promotes trips to Disneyland with discounted tickets that coincide with the SBC Annual Meeting set for Anaheim this June.

And conservative Southern Baptists like Ascol are demanding the SBC stop this promotion citing Disney executives admitting they are spreading LGBTQ+ ideology to children. As the Federalist put it Disney Executives Admit: Of Course We’re Grooming Your Children (

And Evangelical Elites are naturally mocking Southern Baptists who want to fight Woke corporations who want to pervert our children.

Reformation Charlotte reported this insane tweet from Jimmy Scroggins.

Scroggins said, “I’m boycotting Disney. Posting this on Twitter. From my Apple device. Over the AT&T network. After I look up “Disney boycott” on Google. Please share on FaceBook & Instagram to get the word out. From now on I’m only watching Hulu/Netflix/Amazon & going to Busch Gardens.”

As you might remember, Scroggins allegedly violated Southern Baptist Convention bylaws in having a publishing deal with LifeWay while a trustee of the publisher.

Scroggins also awarded failed former LifeWay CEO Thom Rainer a sweetheart million-dollar severance package—and did not tell the other trustees he did.


Well, that’s just how Big Eva rolls.

And it proves why Evangelicals in general and Southern Baptists in particular need new generals to lead us in the Culture War.

One set of Southern Baptists urge surrender and mock those who are trying to do something—anything to protect our children.

Do not be like Jimmy Scroggins and Russell Moore and so many other so-called leaders.

Be more like Tom Ascol. Who is willing to stand against Woke corporations perverting our children.

Tom Ascol is the candidate of conservative Southern Baptists. He was nominated by a coalition of non-Calvinist and Calvinist Southern Baptists worried about the leftward drift of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The SBC’s future is at stake. It cannot stand another corrupt SBC insider or weak Leftist as president.