WPC: Jonathan Merritt preaches the ‘Gospel of the Great Reset’

James Merritt proves Conservative Baptist Network is needed

James Merritt, a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention and a visiting professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS), sparked a theological crisis in the Southern Baptist Convention this week. Merritt praised the preaching of his son Jonathan Merritt, a writer with bylines ranging from The Atlantic to Religion News Service. Ordinarily, a pastor praising a child would have received little attention. However, Jonathan Merritt previously announced that he is gay.

Reformation Charlotte broke the story. According to the site (which also broke the story that Litton copied sermons from J.D. Greear), “While we can understand the desire to continue to love your child despite his rebellion against God, what Merritt is doing is turning people away from faithfulness to the gospel.”

The Conservative Baptist Network released a statement last night highlighting the theological issues at stake in James Merritt’s actions.

According to CBN, “Scripture is clear that homosexuality is a grave sin (1 Cor. 6:9-10, Rom. 1:24-28), and that sin separates mankind from God (Isaiah 59:2, Rom. 6:23). To present to Southern Baptists a man living in unrepentant sin as someone to whom they should listen for a sermon that is ‘faithful to the gospel,’ as the elder Merritt tweeted, is wholly illogical and demonstrably dangerous. For one who is employed by a Southern Baptist seminary receiving Cooperative Program tithe dollars to promote an unrepentant sinner—no matter whose son he is—as a trustworthy preaching source is a betrayal of trusting Southern Baptists.”

CBN pointed out that this is definitive theological proof of the dangerous Leftward Drift of the SBC.

“Moreover, while some have accused the Conservative Baptist Network of being divisive for suggesting certain SBC leaders have departed from their biblical beliefs, the unbiblical and divisive promotion of Jonathan Merritt by the most recent chairman of the SBC Committee on Resolutions demonstrates the need for the Network all too clearly. And, as in the case of President Ed Litton’s blatant, serial plagiarism of sermons and even personal experiences, many Convention leaders stand united in silence when the offender is one of their friends.

This growing drift from the guardrails of Scripture and from long-held but increasingly-threatened Baptist distinctives demands reform at the top levels of the SBC and demonstrates yet again the necessity of a Conservative Baptist Network.”

And the issues related to sexuality are only part of the entire problem with the sermon.

Woke Preacher Clips examined and the sermon and highlighted the theological issues covered in Jonathan Merritt’s presentation—the sermon that James Merritt praised. WPC found o be the “gospel of the Great Reset.”

According to WPC, “This is the gospel of the Great Reset. You see that the (social) world around you is changing, and it seems like it’s not for the better. But don’t resist it! The powers affecting this change are just getting rid of what’s obsolete, and you will learn to love their new world.”

And these are just some of the many issues that are present in the life and work of James Merritt. James Merritt was one of the loudest defenders of the disgraced plagiarist and unrepentant liar Ed Litton. Also, James Merritt attacked conservatives calling them “little people” and comparing them to “dogs.”

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