Southern Baptist pastor who voted for Hillary Clinton says new Conservative Baptist Network is Confederate Baptist Network.

SBC Pastor says opposition to having woman preacher at SBC Pastor’s Conference is ‘Gender Lynching.’

Baptist Press, err Pravda, err Press released story that smeared new conservative group.

The reaction to Conservative Baptist Network is despicable. Unsurprising. But Despicable.

The SBC Elites are afraid of losing power. They want to preserve the status quo where they use their Analytical Tools of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. They’ll do anything to keep it. They’ll smear a conservative Latino professor and not even apologize when tapes prove the SWBTS Provost lied. They’ll smear radio show host Todd Starnes over having the temerity of taking a phone call on a radio call-in show. Oh, and they’ll sick the denominational bureaucrats funded by conservative tithes and offerings to write a story smearing the new Conservative Baptist Network.

And that was just Day One of the new Conservative Baptist Network.

The Leftists are already calling the Conservative Baptist Network horrible, racialized names.

Black pastor’s racial attack on Conservative Baptists

Dwight McKissic, a black pastor leading a Southern Baptist Convention church in Texas, blistered the new Conservative Baptist Network on racial grounds. Namely, he called the new CBN the Confederate Baptist Network.

“And just as the Confederate Army opposed social justice for the slaves, the Confederate Baptist Network opposes social justice. I can’t see a self-respecting Black pastor joining this group. They are openly opposing the 3 AA SBC professors & the Kingdom diversity intiative@SEBTS.”

This is a “Christian” leader.

Everything is racial in McKissic’s rhetoric. He even racialized the dispute over Russell Moore following Dr. Moore’s insults to Trump supporting Southern Baptists back in 2016. He was rebuked for that by Dr. Carol Swain.

McKissic also had another grievance against the new group. Specifically, despite the involvement and prominent placement of a video of Lorine Spratt, a black Southern Baptist church member, McKissic said he didn’t see black involvement in the Conservative Baptist Network.

McKissic tweeted, “I also went to their website to join. There’s no detectable Black involved there. Inasmuch as they are concerned about how race is being addressed in the SBC, they needed input. Torn between can a self-respecting AA join a group opposed to SJ, in order to bring balance, or not?”

Notice the repeated use of “Self-respecting?” He’s trying to shame conservative African Americans from joining the conservative group.


From where does this type of psychological manipulation come?

It is the same manipulation used by the Democratic Party to try to keep conservative blacks from leaving the Democratic Party’s fold.

And McKissic uses this racialized rhetoric against more than the CBN.

Being against having a woman preacher at Pastor’s Conference is ‘Gender Lynching’ claims SBC pastor who voted for Hillary Clinton.

McKissic tweeted, “Hosanna Wong official title is, Network Associate Pastor of Teaching. James Grogan is listed as Senior Pastor. Another male is listed as Executive Pastor, according to the church’s website. Disinviting Sis Wong from a nonpreaching speaking role, is tantamount to gender lynching.”

Get that?

Standing up for what conservatives believe is the biblical mandate for a pastor is now gender lynching.

We all know where this rhetoric is going.

It is the rhetoric of Political Progressives. It will continue to erode biblical fidelity in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Unless it is stopped.

Pravda editorializes about the Conservative Baptist Network

Is BP more like Pravda, TASS or Izvestia? I can’t decide. However, everyone can see what BP did in its “report” on the new Conservative Baptist Network. It was editorial not reporting. It revealed what the Southern Baptist Elites really think and fear about the new network.

Distinguished religion reporter and radio host Janet Mefferd offered a clear critique of the Baptist Press “story.” She said,

“Find the editorializing! * Bury the lede on why CBN was founded * Put “grassroots” in scare quotes * Name-drop Paige Patterson for maximum freakout * Challenge both the claim that the SBC Woke walked out on Pence – and the reason for it 2020 will be fun!”

These are good points.

Also, notice the way that Pravda insinuates that Dr. Floyd’s statement was released “In response to potential division the network’s founding could cause, Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee president and CEO Ronnie Floyd released a statement Friday.”

That’s manipulation more worthy of the Washington Post than Southern Baptists.

And these are Southern Baptists paid for by your tithes and offerings. They are using the denominational machinery to attack and harm conservatives.

How do you feel about that?

Starnes responds to hateful SEBTS Provost

And this wasn’t the first time this week that a denominational employee attacked a conservative Southern Baptist.

In a hateful tweet, the Provost of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary called Southern Baptist Todd Starnes a “shock jock” and compared him to Rachel Maddow.

Starnes responded to the disgusting tweet from a so-called Christian leader on his Thursday radio program.

Starnes pointed out, “That’s not the Provost of the University of California Berkeley ladies and gentlemen. That’s the Provost of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.”

Starnes then joked, “You know what, you can call me a money grubbing shock jock. You can even call me a left-wing Presbyterian. But by golly, it is going to be a cold day South of Satan’s House before I let anybody compare me Rachel Maddow. Good Lord Man! What’s wrong with you?”

Good question.

What’s wrong with that Christian leader?

What makes him think name calling in such an un-Christian manner was OK?

Oh, that’s right. There are two sets of rules. One for the “Little People” and another for the SBC Elites.

And if you don’t think the SBC Elites consider you the “Little People” then just check out the Tweet from a former Southern Baptist Convention president.

“Phariseeism is alive and well in parts of the SBC. I’m going to be blunt. There are some little people with big mouths and poisonous pens who have a carnal ungodly desire to sow strife and division, make false accusations, and strain at gnats and swallow… camels. This is one example among several I have seen and encountered personally in the last several months. @DannyAkin and @SEBTS are setting the standard for theological education and missional living. PERIOD. Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees-the gospel above all.”

Little People with Big Mouths.

Oh, and since there was some push back on insinuating the Little People shouldn’t speak up about their concerns, he produced another great tweet. He called fellow Southern Baptists a pack of dogs.

After seeing some replies to my tweet on Phariseeism I’m reminded of what @AdrianRogers said. ‘If you throw a rock at a pack of dogs the one that barks is the one that gets hit.’ Thanks for the barks.”

That’s classy.

This passes for “Christian” leadership.

Watch how the SBC Elites behave. They will cry about the “tone” and “civility” of conservatives, but then use these reprehensible attacks on the little people.

Remember. This is all about power. Their power. They refuse to engage in an honorable discussion over legitimate grievances.

And this is just the first day of the Conservative Baptist Network. Roundheads and Cavaliers were nicer to one another than SBC Elites are to their so-called conservative brothers and sisters.

It is shameful.

And it will only get worse.

If you want more of the status quo. If you want more condescending SBC employees, then vote for Albert Mohler. Otherwise, reject Dr. Mohler as SBC President in Orlando this summer.

15 thoughts on “The un-Christian rhetoric of SBC Elites: Day one of Conservative Baptist Network”

  1. These people who have hijacked the SBC are MARXISTS, and most likely on the payroll of George Soros. There’s nothing even REMOTELY “Christian” about them! Bible-believing Southern Baptists need to throw these APOSTATES out of their churches, and take back control of the Southern Baptist Convention.

  2. I only learned about the Conservative Baptist Network a couple of hours ago. I support it. What can I do to help? We need to keep the SBC a “Philadephia type” church and not even remotely becoming a “Laodicean type” church like many denominations are becoming. If it even means a decline in membership to be true to God’s Word, then let it be.

  3. I got my M.Div. from Southern Seminary while Dr. Akin was Dean of the School of Theology there (I was in the chapel service when it was announced he was headed to Southeastern). One of my on-campus jobs was working for media services. When James Merritt was a guest preacher there, we had some special luncheon afterwards. My job was to set up and take down the microphones for the luncheon. After it was over and most of the people had cleared out Merritt and Akin were still in the room talking. I was nearby because I was doing my job, taking down microphones, rolling up cables, etc. I’m sure they didn’t even notice me because I was a “little person” in their eyes. But let’s just say that after overhearing that conversation and the judgemental comments and arrogance expressed, I had zero respect for James Merritt and barely retained any for Dr. Akin (which has since been eroded).

  4. Seems to me the dog the got hit is Merritt, with all his barking. It is amusing how lacking in self-awareness Merritt is in describing those with only disagrees as a little people which tells you he sees himself as so important.

  5. Last week when I learned about this new conservative group that was in the process of being formed, I went to the echo chamber at SBC Voices to see if they had any reaction. Boy, did they ever. They already had three articles up trashing it. Their logic was, as usual, unassailable (I kid.) Can’t imagine why they took offense to such a group. They seem worried. It heartens me.

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