Conservative Baptist Network launches amid Liberal rage on Social Media.

Pastor alleges new conservative group is about Love of Donald Trump and ‘Butt Hurt’ Paige Patterson fans.

Beth Moore tweets confusing tweet about group.

The Southern Baptist Woke Elite were furious today as grassroots conservatives announced they would launch a network of Baptists based on conservative principles. The pastor tweeted,

“This new baptist network thing is about love of Trump and being butt hurt about Paige Patterson. Don’t be fooled. ‘Inerrancy and sufficiency of scripture,’ then do video of right wing political talk that has nothing to do with scripture and an unbeliever could agree with.”

Butt Hurt?

Love of Trump?

Dean Inserra is pastor of a Southern Baptist church in Tallahassee, Florida. He holds an MA from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a D.Min. from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

That’s a fine representative of Midwestern and Southern seminaries.

But, what else can you expect from the Woke Southern Baptist Elites?

And, this isn’t the first time Inserra has embraced Anti-Trump rhetoric.

They fear a grassroots movement of conservatives that will hold them accountable for the leftward drift led by Russell Moore and his enablers.

One criticism of the new group came from Southern Baptist preacher, err, Bible teacher Beth Moore. Moore took issue with the group’s stand for biblical inerrancy. She tweeted,

“I hear and understand what you are saying, Bart. But none of us obeys all that is said in our inerrant Scriptures. Many of us don’t discipline our children with rods, for instance. Most Baptist women I know don’t wear head coverings nor do their men raise holy hands.”


And this Bible Teacher is platformed by Lifeway.

So, why all the rage?

Grassroots conservatives launch network to retake the Southern Baptist Convention from liberals.

If conservatives hope to defeat the liberal Elites controlling the Southern Baptist Convention, then it will take a broad grassroots base. The Woke elite know it and fear it. So, when the pastors and laymen announced the creation of the Conservative Baptist Network.

Brad Jurkovich, pastor of First Baptist Church in Bossier City, La. and the spokesman for the Network, said in a statement released to the press, “We are concerned about the current road our Southern Baptist family is traveling. It is a road that is twisting what God’s Word is saying about things like human sexuality, biblical racial reconciliation and socialistic justice.”

Also at issue is proper political theology. What is the right way for a Christian to view patriotism? What is the right way for a Christian to participate in politics?

Jurkovich asked, “As Southern Baptists can we not love both Jesus and America? Is it no longer okay to be a pastor and a patriot?”

For the Conservative Baptist Network and Jurkovich, the answer is Yes! It is OK to be a pastor and a patriot.

One can love Jesus and America too.

That’s good news. It replaces the Hate America mentality of the Woke SBC Elite.

And that frightens the Ivory Tower Elites.

Their arrogance of the Ivory Tower SBC Elites led them into forcing Resolution 9—the infamous resolution approving the use of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality as “Analytical Tools.” This sparked outrage among conservatives who reject Racial Identity Politics.

The Conservative Baptist Network launched because: “A significant number of Southern Baptists are concerned about the apparent emphasis on social justice, Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, and the redefining of biblical gender roles. Many fear that these issues have received more attention than evangelism and spiritual renewal – the emphases that helped to make Southern Baptists the largest evangelical denomination in the nation.”

This is great news for conservatives.

And we know it generates fear among the Status Quo supporters. A reminder: Dr. Albert Mohler is the Status Quo candidate—a man who promotes and enables Liberal Russell Moore to remain at the ERLC. Conservatives should reject Mohler as SBC President in Orlando.

Also, get involved.

You can check out the new Conservative Baptist Network’s web page. And be sure to join. 

5 thoughts on “Woke Baptist Elites rage at new Conservative Baptist Network”

  1. If the SBC Trustees refuse to wake-up to the Trojan Wokehorse, others are. Hallelujah, may God bless this endeavor.

  2. I’m confused by this website. Who are you?
    There are no bylines in the articles and no one identified as contributors on the “About” page.
    Your “About” page says that you were begun as commentary on Alabama Football. But that is not what this article or several others I’ve read are discussing.
    These articles express anger over things that have nothing to do with football – similar to how an impulsive teen responds to frustration.
    In my experience, those who express outrage and anger without identifying themselves are afraid of the repercussions, so they fail to take responsibility by including their names in publications. Some would call them cowards. Is that who you are?
    (These thoughts are only my own and do not express ideas or thoughts of anyone I know or any organization with which I am affiliated.)

    1. The great thing about owning a site is I can do whatever I want with my property. Even change focus from writing about sports to something that actually matters–faith and politics. Three cheers for capitalism!

      As for bylines, the editor is the writer or chief writer of all stories not otherwise indicated. So, there you have it.

      Any additional questions or concerns?

    2. Let’s accept that we cannot know any names associated with Capstone (we know this is not true). So what?
      Does every truth have to have an identifiable author?

      You have happily learned many truths who’s author you don’t know and you have integrated those truths without ever bothering to find out who the author is.

      Secondly, in a day and age where social justice Crusaders are out to destroy the lives of their critics, which include Seminary professors being removed from their jobs and other people discovered on the radar, a bit of prudence and self-preservation and covert operation is called for. Anonymity in ecclesiastical and theological war was quite the friend to the greater Evangelist and theologian Martin Luther.

      There is a war going on for the truth and in war there are times things must be done through invisibility, unless of course you would accuse the Army, Navy, Airforce & Marines of cowardice when they’ve had to engage in such operations for success.

      The enemy is within so be careful riding your high horse it’s a great fall. And if one writes about Alabama football had pretty much gives them permission to write about anything.

    3. Sharon,

      I’m not connected with this website, but I have encountered loathsome people like you over the years who have done the same thing you’re doing here.

      In case you hadn’t noticed, we are living in a time when—if someone says something that upsets the delicate sensibilities of liberals like you by having the unmitigated gall to express a view or fact that’s not officially approved by the self-appointed overlords of the Universe—he can get fired. When one gets fired, one loses his livelihood. And when one loses his livelihood, one cannot feed, clothe, or house his family. So, for those of us who are on God’s side rather than Satan’s, our choice is to either stay silent and let the enemy have at it, or throw light on the Satanically-inspired agenda of the enemy. And should we decide for the latter, our choice is to either conceal our identity or else run the risk of our family coming to ruin. It’s not our fault that that is our choice. That is the fault of demon-possessed liberals like you.

      So no, we’re not going to stay quiet. And no, we’re not going to let you ruin us. God does not want His people to stay silent in the face of evil, and God does not want our families to come to ruin because we said the “wrong” thing.

      Now if you’re feeling brave, then you’re welcome to take anyone up on what he or she says. The content is what matters, and we both know you’re incapable of dealing with the content head on, hence these asinine tactics. And the next time you want to know someone’s identity, then be prepared to give your full name, home address, and phone number. If you’re that much into people’s true identity, then let’s do it right. You first. After all, how do I know your name is really Sharon? Frankly, I think you’re one of those geniuses from SBC Voices. They have whined many times before about not knowing someone’s real name. Such non issues are one of their hiding places for want of having anything intelligent to say.

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