Southern Baptist Elites like 2016 Never Trumper Al Mohler show they despise the Little People of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Saturday morning—Day 2 of the Conservative Baptist Network—saw Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) President Albert Mohler attack the Conservative Baptist Network. This follows the Day 1 SBC Elite attacks on Grassroots Conservative Southern Baptists.

Mohler tweeted his disdain for the new Conservative Baptist Network. He said, “The real network of Southern Baptists is called the Southern Baptist Convention. It’s going to meet June 9-10 in Orlando. I look forward to joining you there.”

This immediately received a response from the rank-and-file Little People of the SBC.

“#SBC is *the real network* of Southern Baptists? So my local association is not a *real network* or my Georgia convention is not a *real network*? As Baptists, you don’t get to define what *the real network* is for free churches I’m afraid @albertmohler @BaptistNetwork  #SBC2020”

The most devastating reply came from Conservative Baptist Network supporter Rod D. Martin. He said, “With great respect, Al, a lot of us are noticing the difference between your response time to the launch of a group of BFM2K-supporting Baptists and your response time to a woman ‘teaching pastor’ at the SBC PC. Interesting, that. But not at all encouraging.”

Mohler’s tweet shows total contempt for the people of the Conservative Baptist Network.

Mohler is an Ivory Tower Elite unwilling to engage those of the SBC seeking redress of grievances.

Why does Mohler insult the CBN and its followers?

Because it threatens to give voice to the People in the Pews.

Southern Baptist Elites ignored the concerns of the People. That made the formation of such groups inevitable. Ignore, marginalize and trivialize the Little People and eventually they will have enough.

They will organize.

Thankfully, Al Mohler revealed who he really is. He isn’t a conservative. In fact, Al Mohler is against conservatives. Mohler opposes the Conservative Baptist Network.

If you support Progressives like Russell Moore controlling the SBC, then vote for Mohler as SBC President in Orlando. Otherwise, vote against him and for real change and accountability in the SBC.

4 thoughts on “Al Mohler’s divisive attack on Conservatives”

  1. Has Al Mohler had issues (publicly or privately) with other networks like The Gospel Coalition, Acts 29, etc.?
    Does he want Southern Baptists to withdraw from all networks and be connected only to the national SBC, state conventions, and associations?

    1. The liberals have been made nervous by this group that hasn’t really even gotten off the ground yet. I always enjoy watching when the World’s Smartest & Most Moral People™—liberals—unwittingly expose what they are. Looks like the new conservative group is already having a positive impact.

  2. This is what happens when you don’t kick out Calvinists on sight. Mohler is a Calvinist, and thus a venomous snake.

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