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David French recycles the same column every few weeks. No, it isn’t Orange Man Bad. That repeated refrain was replaced by attacks on conservative evangelical Christians. The smug lectures on politics and theology from a newly minted Leftist (yes, David French is a Leftist and you can identify all Leftists via this simple test) David French are filled with poor reasoning and fake news. This Sunday’s column was no exception.

David French repeated the lie spread by Russell Moore and his Woke Twitter Mob about the National Religious Broadcaster Association (NRB). According to the Woke Twitter Mob and RNS, a former Russell Moore co-worker at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) was fired by the NRB for promoting COVID vaccinations.

As David French explains, “On Friday the National Religious Broadcasters, an umbrella association of roughly 1,100 member associations, abruptly fired its senior vice president of communications, my friend Daniel Darling, because Darling appeared on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ to discuss why he got vaccinated and to try to allay Christian fears about the vaccine. He lost his job even though he was remarkably gracious in his comments. He defended Evangelical distrust of institutions and merely urged Christians ‘to talk to their doctor and really consider [the vaccine], just because we just don’t want to see anyone else unnecessarily die of this lethal virus.’”

Of course, this was all a lie.

Darling was not fired. Despite promoting a message contrary to the neutral stance on COVID vaccinations by the NRB, Darling was offered another job at NRB—but Darling refused. In other words, Darling quit. And that is why he got no severance. He quit. He was not fired.

That is kind of a huge detail.

Also, by going on television, he made the organization appear to be endorsing one view. The NRB chief explained, “For the record, the first time I was made aware that the interview took place was when an anti-vax staff member called me to ask if they could now go on national media with their title to discuss why they did not get vaccinated. #notaboutthevaccine.”

The NRB head released a statement explaining the errors spreading on Social Media about the alleged firing.

In other words, David French spread Fake News from the Russell Moore wing of evangelicalism.

Which shows that the safest thing to do when watching the Wokevangelicals on Twitter is to be skeptical of the stories they share. Often, the stories are trash.

But David French is nothing if not inconsistent. In one part of his column he decries the NRB for its stance on the vaccine and then later praises the right of corporations to impose their own mandates.

French writes, “what does the virtuous exercise of liberty look like? Ironically enough, one example is the very exercise of liberty that Matt Walsh condemned—the liberty of private corporations to impose vaccine mandates. When a workplace reasonably perceives a threat to the lives and health of its workers and customers and imposes a mandate, it is illustrating exactly how an institution can exercise its liberty to pursue virtue. Its exercise of liberty protects life and the pursuit of happiness.”

In other words, when a corporation pursues a Draconian mandate policy David French likes, it is great and when a corporation pursues a policy David French does not like, it is bad and unchristian.

This is not about liberty. This is not about virtue. This is about power.

David French wants to tell you how to live your life.

But don’t worry.

Big Eva and our Secular Coastal Elites love you and have a wonderful plan for your life.