Dr. Moore assures us the Afghan refugee vetting is super-duper excellent.

He writes, “As Elizabeth Neumann—a former high-ranking Trump Administration national security official—demonstrates, even if a terrorist wanted to play the long game of twenty years of pretending to be a pro-Western, anti-Taliban figure, the vetting process for all of these refugees is intense and rigorous, using extensive biometric and biographic checks. And as Neumann also points out, the sort of rhetoric used against such refugees almost always is accompanied by a rise in crimes or violence against such people.”

There are two issues in this paragraph.

First, we do not know who got on all the planes out of that airport. One exclusive report shows that a convicted rapist made it to the US on one of the refugee flights.

And as a former Trump Administration advisor explains, many people made the flights who were selected at random—without any identification.

Stephen Miller said, “The Biden Admin evacuated Afghan nationals at random. And keep in mind that most dangerous offenders and extremists in Afghanistan would not be documented in any U.S. database to begin with.”

Also, Miller pointed out that many Afghans were put on flights without any sort of identification. He highlighted New York Times reporting that verified this showing that “thousands of people without passports, visas or identification cards…were placed on Doha bound planes.”

So much for vetting.

The federal officials tasked with sorting the mess out will no doubt do their best. However, with tens of thousands flooding into the United States—it will be a race against time.

In other words, feel free to reject Russell Moore’s lies about vetting.

Just to make clear, the report on the rapist who made it to America said that screenings are supposed to happen prior to arrival in the US and, “Either that process wasn’t followed in the case of Heydari, or else his rape conviction and previous deportation weren’t enough to keep him off the evacuee flight.”

Things are all going according to plan!

The second part of that Russell Moore smear is that rhetoric against refugees “is accompanied by” violence! Accompanied by are weasel words for causes. Here Moore implies that engaging in debate about Afghan refugee resettlement will necessarily result in violence against them.

Talk about trying to squelch debate.

That is how Leftists always operate.

However, we must have a conversation about this entire fiasco—that includes the refugees.

The Afghan crime problem

The National Interest published an article in 2017 highlighting the crime epidemic sweeping Europe—the culprits Afghanis. According to the report, “It quickly became obvious that something was wrong, very wrong, with these young Afghan men: they were committing sex crimes to a much greater extent than other refugees, even those from countries that were equally or more backward, just as Islamic and conservative, and arguably just as misogynist.”

One example cited about the crime wave happened in Austria. According to the report, “The tipping point, after a series of disturbing incidents all emanating from Afghans, was the brutal gang rape of a fifteen-year-old girl, snatched from the street on her way home, dragged away and serially abused by Afghan refugees.”

Now, not every refugee or immigrant is a criminal. Many, if not most, will make fine citizens. However, there can be no discounting the evidence from Europe.

Further, research tell us about second generation immigrants as a fertile ground for terrorists. According to this Michael Barone column, “And it does seem to be a phenomenon, not just a series of unrelated anecdotes. Dinan provides a thoughtful overview from former NSA and CIA Director Michael Hayden: ‘Historically, the high stress generation for American immigrants has been second generation. Mom and Pop can rely on the culture of where they came from. Their grandchildren will be (more or less) thoroughly American. The generation in between, though, is anchored neither in the old or in the new. They often are searching for self or identity beyond self.’”

In other words, this refugee wave can have immediate (crime) and delayed (second generation terrorism) dangers. We should talk about this. In fact, we must talk about it.

Christianity is not a suicide pact

Biden is at fault for the total collapse of order in Afghanistan. As the Washington Post reported, the US refused the Taliban offer of control of Kabul. The US only had troops to secure the airport and Biden refused to increased troop levels. So, Kabul fell, and the Taliban occupied it. Chaos ensued.

Combine this idiotic decision to restrict troops to below the level needed for the job with the 20-year US war, and you have some very good reasons that the US is responsible for helping Afghani refugees.

We treated Afghanis poorly. We imported dangerous Western gender ideology to their universities and despite hundreds of billions of dollars never built a stable state there in the aftermath of the war. An entire generation came of age in a Western-influenced Afghanistan—and that melted away in a few days.

It is obvious that we owe these people—particularly the ones who worked with us something.

What that something is—is much harder to say.

Is it brining hundreds of thousands of refugees to the US? Or, is it working to resettle the refugees in neighboring countries that share a similar religion and culture?

Despite what Russell Moore and his Big Eva ilk tell you, security concerns and worries over terrorism are legitimate issues. As Christians, we can commit to individual charity and still understand that national policy must seek order and security for the nation.

Christianity is not a suicide pact. It works for the good of all—and all includes our fellow American citizens.

We should love our neighbor. That means making sure the family next door and our own families are safe from unvetted or under-vetted criminals entering the country. That means making sure we are not importing more terrorists.

 Has anything the Biden Administration done over the last few weeks given you hope they will protect America?

If you are still in doubt, ask the American citizens and American green card holders that Biden stranded in Afghanistan how they feel right now.