Conservative journalist Andy Ngo was disinvited from the “Christian” Q Ideas conference set for Nashville on April 22 and 23. However, while the Q Ideas event canceled Andy Ngo, it will feature prominent Woke members of Big Evangelicalism.

RNS was first to report Andy Ngo was dropped by the “influential Q Ideas evangelical Christian conference.” Andy Ngo confirmed the report on Twitter.

“I was uninvited from this conference in a terse email after a friend of one of the organizers urged him to drop me,” Ngo said on Twitter.

RNS helpfully included a list of other speakers at the Big Evangelicalism conference. Speakers range from the Woke to the Hyper-Woke. Still on the agenda are Matt Chandler and David Platt—both megachurch pastors with histories of anti-police and pro-BLM rhetoric along with sloppy theological arguments for open borders.

Also, on the agenda are Tyler Burns of the hyper-woke The Witness, and Hosanna Wong—who prompted concerns from Southern Baptist when she was included on the agenda for the SBC Pastor’s Conference in Orlando (that conference was cancelled due to the pandemic.)

Past conference speakers include noted Never Trump progressive leader Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC). Moore is the embattled ERLC chief who admitted the ERLC lied to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and repeatedly insulted conservative Southern Baptists over Donald Trump.

With so many Woke voices in the Q Ideas past and who are participating in the upcoming conference, it raises some uncomfortable questions for the Q Ideas organizers.

As Michael O’Fallon asked, “So the question then begs for the “Christian” conference organizer:

“1. Was Andy’s being Asian the problem?

“2. Was Andy’s sexual preference the problem?

“3. Was Andy’s political views and being opposed to the tyrannical woke the problem?”

The RNS story provides a clue: Andy Ngo was removed by the Q Ideas conference because a friend of the conference founder did not like his politics.

According to RNS, “A healthy culture needs to hear a variety of ideas, however this dude is, in my opinion trolling the right wing of our country then hitting them in their wallets,” said Christian rapper Jason “Propaganda” Petty.

Ngo angers progressives because of his truthful reporting on the excessive violence and political intimidation caused by groups like Antifa.

Make no mistake, politics is driving this. Andy Ngo was canceled because he reports the truth and that is inconvenient for the Woke narrative.

What does this say about the gatekeepers in Evangelicalism? It tells everyone that these gatekeepers are now proudly Woke. This is how far the Woke virus has spread in our churches and institutions.