SBC Pastor’s Conference to feature female spoken word artist who identifies as a Teaching Pastor and David Platt—the pastor who sort of apologized to his congregation after praying for President Donald Trump.

The Southern Baptist Convention is going Woke. It approved the use of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality as “Analytical Tools” at last year’s Annual Meeting. Now the SBC will host a female spoken word artist who identifies as a Teaching Pastor at this year’s Pastor’s Conference—the Pastor’s Conference precedes the Annual Meeting in Orlando. Of course, that’s not the only problematic speaker at this year’s event.

According to the SBC Pastor’s Conference’s website the lineup includes headliners like David Platt, the guy who prayed for Trump, but then kind of, sort of apologized for it to angry progressives in his congregation, along with Vance Pittman, Erik Cummings, Jim Cymbala and Wayne Cordeiro, David Hughes, Joby Martin, Jimmy Scroggins, Emerson Eggerichs, Ken Davis, and performers Phil Wickham and Hosanna Wong.

Hosanna Wong is listed as a special guest and is listed on her website as a spoken word artist and a Teaching Pastor.

Now, SBC apologists on Twitter are quick to point out—“She is only a performer!”

But, that is the same nonsense we always here from the SBC enablers.

The list of speakers and performers drew a strong reaction from conservative Southern Baptists.

Twitter provided some interesting commentary on the announcement. Author Larry Farlow summed it up: “So? You’re featuring a woman who claims to be a pastor at a pastors’ conference in a denomination that claims to believe women pastors are unbiblical. Does it really matter under what circumstances you’re featuring her?”

Another interesting thread pointed out theological questions about other Pastor’s Conference speakers including Wayne Cordeiro of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel and Jim Cymbala:

This is today’s Southern Baptist Convention. It has no standards. It wants the Woke and the Celebrity to highlight its annual events.

Will conservatives take back the SBC at the Annual Meeting in Orlando, or will it continue the slide into progressive oblivion? If you want to save the SBC, then messengers must reject Status Quo leaders like Albert Mohler.

8 thoughts on “BREAKING: SBC invites female teaching pastor to Pastor’s Conference”

  1. I am and have been Southern Baptist for decades. It is time to focus on Christ and how we get the message out to everyone. Our mind games with the issue of women is long overdue. We moved from denouncing Catholics in politics, dancing, movies, mixed swimming and it is time to move on. Who cares if she claims to be a pastor or not? There were women in the NT that clearly led in the mission of Christ. It isn’t a change in scripture to have women leading in churches. If a church has no men to lead, then let the women lead. In many of our homes women have kept the faith in the family. Bottom line: Put Christ first.

    1. You have the right appoach sir. We have always ordained women in my Pentecostal church who were called of God to minister. Phillip’s daughters prophesied and were in the church do women do that today?

      1. When Paul proclaimed that women were not allowed to preach or have authority over men he made it clear it was not a cultural or sociological restriction. It was a part of the curse God proclaimed on women because Eve ate the fruit of rebellion first “1 Timothy 2:12” . It also states that the women’s “desire” would be toward her husband and he shall rule over you “Genesis 3:16”. This is in my opinion the same desire that sin had toward Cain “Genesis 4:6”. It is also a part of the natural order for Adam was created first. We should be teaching women to celebrate their position in Christ, and not to usurp the position of men. It seems to me that In the Godhead there is a hierarchy of authority while all of the Persons of the Trinity being equal. Christ said “I don’t speak of my own authority but of the Father who sent me commanded me what to say” John 12:49″. Christ said of the Holy Spirit, ” He will not speak of His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak”, John 16:13. For the leaders of the SBC to allow rebellious women a platform, it to enter into their rebellion. We have to cut off the money to the Southern Baptist Convention.

  2. “Will conservatives take back the SBC at the Annual Meeting in Orlando?” You misspelled legalists.

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