Controversy rocks Southern Baptist Convention Pastor’s Conference.

Beth Moore speaks, defends invite for fellow woman pastor.

Pastor’s Conference chief David Uth alleges online critics could ‘Endanger’ woman pastor. The Southern Baptist Convention is now the Snowflake Baptist Convention.

The Southern Baptist Convention Pastor’s Conference defended its lineup in a weird story published by Pravda, err, Baptist Press, where the Pastor’s Conference head insinuated Baptist critics of a woman teaching pastor who will “perform” at the conference might endanger her.


According to BP, Pastor David “Uth’s staff is monitoring social media to determine whether sentiments are voiced that would endanger Wong for participating, he told BP.”


“If we sense that it is going to be an environment that’s not going to be helpful to her,” Uth was quoted as saying by BP, “or it’s going to be in some way hurtful, I would not risk that for anything. She is a precious lady. She and her husband do a great work in San Francisco.”


Good grief.

In the snowflake world of the Southern Baptist Convention, criticism on social media could now “endanger” someone.

These are the “leaders” of the Southern Baptist Convention.

You can’t take these people seriously.

Fortunately, there are brave Southern Baptist leaders willing to speak out on social media on controversial issues like this.

Unfortunately, it was Beth Moore.

This Pastor’s Conference fiasco has become such a scandal that renowned Southern Baptist Pastor, err, Bible teacher Beth Moore commented. She tweeted her disgust that men would insist on biblical fidelity regarding platforming women preachers. Moore tweeted,

“And then there’s what goes on away from the official table after they whistle for the attack dogs, which, of course, they are doing: relentless social media harassment, bullying, lying about & slandering the woman. It’s so sinful. And all in the name of Scripture.

“I want nothing more to do with it. But I am going to have a dang hard time staying silent if they look like they are going to put Hosanna through anything similar to what others of us have endured over these people. She’s not preaching at it, for crying out loud.”

It is unsurprising that Moore defends another female preacher.

Yet, this is the bitter fruit of the SBC’s decline.

Now for a bit more of the bitter fruit. Not only are there issues with a Pastor’s Conference inviting a woman teaching pastor, but there are concerns about other invitees.

Pastor David Hughes drew fire from conservative Southern Baptists over sexually charged church performances. From Game of Thrones to dancing Storm Troopers:

Pastor Tom Buck pointed out the SBC’s latest action and dismissal of any concerns about this illustrate the serious problems in the Southern Baptist Convention. Buck said, “Last week on @FoundersMin Sword & Trowel podcast, @tomascol and I were called crazy for saying that in some ways the current SBC crisis is worse than the days of the Conservative Resurgence. I would like to personally thank the SBC for vindicating us today and proving our point.”

Yes. The SBC’s reckless and cavalier actions regularly prove there is a real problem stirring. Since conservatives are ignored and attacked (seriously, can you call BP’s story anything other than an attack on critics?), it is time for conservatives to make one final stand for truth in Orlando.

How? By rejecting the status quo of Albert Mohler and electing an actual conservative for SBC President.

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  1. So sad. Just goes to show that if we do not solve our disagreements or allow diversity in some matters non-essential to saving faith, our problems will destroy us. Why did Paul say love covers sin or mistakes? That is the one way to overcome the destructive fighting within us.

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