How far has the Social Justice Gospel distorted the Church from its mission? None other than David Platt urged Christians to march this weekend for Social Justice. Yet, his megachurch is not holding in-person services.

Platt tweeted out is encouragement for Christians to March and Pray and Sing with “other followers of Christ from churches across the District.”

Unfortunately, Platt’s push for social justice is happening, as Janet Mefferd noted, while McLean Bible Church is still not holding in-person services.

One can clearly see David Platt’s priorities.

In a long post on the church’s website, the church bureaucrats explain that the Washington, DC remains a “hot spot” for COVID-19.

“Metropolitan Washington, DC, is currently classified as a ‘hot spot’ for virus transmission, and recently released metrics from the White House Task Force rank our city as the number one metro area in the country in “test positives” for COVID-19,” the church said on its website.

But that fact of Washington, DC as a hot spot doesn’t stop Platt from encouraging people to march for Social Justice causes.

How Radical!

Are you shocked? You shouldn’t be.

McLean Bible Church is now fully committed to the Gospel of Social Justice. It has declared with its actions that Church services are less important than Social Justice rallies.

McLean Bible Church not only employs Social Justice Warriors but notorious conspiracy theorist and Never Trumper Joe Carter. Carter routinely lies about conservatives including the American Family Foundation and American Family Radio host Bryan Fischer.

McLean Bible Church is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Sad times when Social Justice trumps worship services. This is where Evangelical Elites are taking the church. Watch out folks. This is serious.

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