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Health Department Officials were at morning and evening Grace Community Church services this Sunday.

Shannon Bream: Pastor MacArthur warned he could face fines or arrest.

MacArthur: Jesus is the head of our church. Gov. Newsom is not the head of the church. Mayor Garcetti is not the head of the church.

Pastor John MacArthur and Grace Community Church face fines and possibly jail over holding services for members and we can report that Health Department officials attended both Sunday services. The threat of fines and jail was made in a letter from the Health Department to the church and was received after the County Health Department said it would investigate MacArthur’s church.

Also, Pastor John MacArthur appeared on Fox News Tonight with Shannon Bream Monday evening to discuss his church’s move to defy Los Angeles County bans on religious worship during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Bream is a good interviewer. She did her homework and asked MacArthur about the health issues involving church meetings (the science) and then the theological objections raised to MacArthur and Grace Community Church’s actions.

MacArthur answered directly.

MacArthur said the lockdowns of people, the shutdowns of businesses and of churches “is just not warranted by the reality of the virus.”

Then, MacArthur argued that the Church is an essential service for the community.

“We feel like we are the most essential reality in the world,” MacArthur said. “Jesus is Lord. That is the Christian confession. It has always been our confession since He rose from the dead. He is Lord of the Universe and He is Lord and Head of His beloved Church which he redeemed with His own blood.”

This is an important point MacArthur makes—that God delegates specific powers to the state and other powers to the church and other powers to the family. Each is sovereign in its own sphere. When the state intrudes into the church’s area—that is a serious problem.

“He (Jesus) is the Head of Our Church,” MacArthur said. “Governor (Gavin) Newsom is not the head of the church. Mayor (Eric) Garcetti is not the head of the church. We respect them for their temporal leadership in government. But when they move into the life of the church and tell the church what it can do, they are usurping a role they don’t have. The Constitution doesn’t give them the power to do that and they certainly do not have the spiritual power to do that.”

The first to bring up the threat of arrest of John MacArthur was Franklin Graham, President of Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Franklin Graham is the son of the legendary Evangelist Billy Graham. According to Franklin Graham, “After Pastor @JohnMacArthur announced that his congregation at @GraceComChurch in Sun Valley, CA, would be assembling in obedience to God’s Word, he received a letter from LA county officials threatening repercussions such as fines & possible arrest.”

And where is Albert Mohler during this attack on religious liberty? Well, he is recording an episode of The Briefing where he insinuates that Dr. John MacArthur’s move is malpractice. Thanks, Al. Great leadership.

17 thoughts on “LA threatens John MacArthur with fines, arrest”

  1. We all stand behind pastor MacArthur and Christ who is our true and only Lord “Governor” over all. All 4500+ of his attendees chose to be there on Sunday.
    So arrest us, too

    1. I wish there was a man like John MacArthur where I live instead of a bunch of scared little preachers hiding in their homes.

  2. A lot of ordinary Pastors are in a very difficult position. What we need is the Big Names to stand up. That is what MacArthur is doing. I think it all hinges on whether you think there is a conspiracy afoot – Agenda 2030/movement toward a NWO and the beginnings of persecution of the Church. I believe this is a plandemic.

  3. I am a Born Again Believer and I stand with those who preach The True Gospel of Jesus Christ, not those like Albert Mohler or Russell Moore who side with those like George Soros who gives their organization filthy lucre. I think when all is said and done we will all be surprised at all the Preachers of small Churches who were consistent in Preaching The true Gospel getting rewards from The Lord Jesus Christ, while most of these big name Preachers getting rebuked by The Lord Jesus Christ for their loving money more than the sheep they were supposed to be taking care of.

  4. The church has become weak, like the Republican party. It is important that real men like John Mac Arthur stand up for the church, for his congregation and for the Word of GOD. Most churches today are seeking to give you that warm fuzzy feeling telling people that everything is going to be all right so that they can fill their pockets with the money of people who think that by contributing to them are buying their way into heaven. Well folks…WAKE UP!! because you are not! God is not selling tickets to heaven and he doesn’t need your measly money. But He is God and He will determine how and who gets into heaven. God bless strong men with unshakeable faith like Pastor John MacArthur.

  5. I was wondering why John McAuthur does not run his church like Bobby Schuller does, for his Hour of Power broadcast. Bobby’s arrangement seems to be working good and he is still reaching many people.

  6. I am praying that no one will get sick (which I believe they won’t) and it will be a testimony to the government. God takes care of His own. Praise God for Pastor John MacArthur for standing on the truth

  7. What a wonderful stand you have taken John, right in line with the Word of God. May God bless you you faithful servant.

  8. JM is not a rebel and he and the elders of his church did not come to their decision lightly. His reasoning is biblically sound and honoring to God. The Ceasar’s of this country have lost their way and they will ultimately answer for their actions short of their repentance and submission to Christ. Praying for JM and GCC and all churches faced with similar dilemmas at this time to remain strong in Christ.

  9. I am a graduate of the old LABTS (now the Masters University), class of 1970. I don’t agree with all your theology but on this issue you are one -hundred percent correct. According to scripture, governmentt is to “do good and punish evil.” We are certainly living in the last days when “evil will be good, and good will be evil.” Keep up your good work!

  10. God bless you Bro/Pastor John MacArthur
    He who stands for nothing will fall for anything.
    Shame on you pastors who would show up at his funeral but not stand alongside to help now.
    Thanks ! John your feet are beautiful because you preach the Gospel and stand for the truth.
    Keeping you and all who stand with you in prayer.

  11. Dr. MacArther.
    Your persecution is a Crown!!! This is weeding out the shallow “church goers ” with the true Christ followers. Here is praying that we stand obedient, no matter what the consequences!

  12. Please post my reply I sent from Ruth Gómez
    I forgot to put email
    See below
    John needs all he can to back him at this time

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