BREAKING: LA threatens $1,000 per day fines and arrest

BREAKING: Thomas More Society prepares to defend John MacArthur, Grace Community Church from California’s Leftist Tyranny. Jenna Ellis, Charles LiMandri to represent MacArthur, GCC in case.

BREAKING: ‘It is time for Governor Newsom and Mayor Garcetti to recognize what President Trump has already proclaimed: churches are providing an essential service to the people. Therefore, they must be allowed to serve the people in the manner in which God has called them.’

John MacArthur and Grace Community Church are girding for battle against California and Los Angeles over state orders to close the church. Local government threatened MacArthur and the church with large fines and jail, as previously reported. However, we now know the extent of the threats.

According to the Thomas More Society, MacArthur’s church received a Cease and Desist letter against church assembly. The letter contained a threat of a $1,000 a day fine and possible arrest.  

“The City of Los Angeles, through a cease and desist letter, has threatened Grace Community Church and Pastor MacArthur specifically with a daily fine of $1,000 or arrest,” the Thomas More Society said in a statement.

Also, the state is selectively harming churches, according to the statement.

“The State of California is using COVID-19 as a pretext to attempt to force churches to close indefinitely. This illegitimate, over-broad, and unconstitutional order to indefinitely cease assembling, and exercising their religion and sincerely held religious beliefs,” according to the Thomas More Society.

MacArthur and Grace Community Church are represented by the Falkirk Center’s Jenna Ellis and Charles LiMandri, special counsel for the Thomas More Society.

“Pastor MacArthur and Grace Community church are not disobeying the Constitution; it is California’s Governor Gavin Newsom and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti that are defying their constitutional obligation to protect religious freedom and church assembly,” said Ellis.

It is unconstitutional for Governor Newsom and the State of California to discriminate against churches by treating them less favorably than other organizations and activities that are not protected by the First Amendment,” LiMandri said. “Pastor MacArthur and his church, as well as all churches, are entitled to practice their religion without government interference. This is especially the case when the government has given free rein to protestors, and is not similarly restricting marijuana dispensaries, large retail outlets and factories, and abortion providers.”

The battle in California has huge ramifications for churches around the country. MacArthur’s legal team understands the threat these selective orders represent.

Why are so many Evangelical leaders silent? Why are the Evangelical Elite opposing John MacArthur?

Christians around America must hold government accountable to the Constitution. This is only the beginning of a serious push to limit religious freedom in America.

4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Ready for battle, John MacArthur retains legal counsel”

  1. Thanks, Dr. MacArthur and Grace Community church for standing for our Lord and all Bible believing churches in the United States. May our Lord give a wonderful victory through the counsel of your lawyers and prayers of the people of our country!

  2. Dr. MacArthur, Grace Community Church,
    Your persecution is solidifying and weeding out those “church goers” from true Christ followers.
    My husbands and my prayer is to help us stand true to our Lord no matter what the consequences.
    Your persecution is a crown!

  3. Each pastor should consult his elders and especially the Holy Spirit about his congregation’s particular cases. Every church’s case and situation is different. However, treating churches different is not acceptable. Christ’s jurisdiction supersede the state’s. This is very clear. When there is a clear conflict, we must obey God and not men.

  4. John MacArthur; thank you for standing firm in the Lord. May he give you wisdom and Spiritual strength. You understand that God is with you. Remember Daniel in the lions den and Shadrac, Meshac & Abendigo in the furnace. I pray more pastors and God’s people rise up as you have. Ted

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