Christians label White Fragility as dangerous, anti-Christ ideology. Ed Stetzer urges Christians to ‘read and consider’ book.

Ed Stetzer promoted and encouraged Christians to read the dangerous White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism. Stetzer appeared to endorse the book in a post at Christianity Today and a tweet on the issue.

Stetzer’s tweet on the new series embraced White Fragility. He tweeted, “White Fragility has to do with how quickly white people respond with anger and defensiveness in conversations about race.”

“It is an important book, shaping much of the conversation today. I’d encourage you to read and consider it,” Stetzer wrote in the introduction for the coming symposium.


Why on earth would you recommend the average Christian read this piece of trash? It is uniformly denounced by conservative Christian and non-Christian alike.

For example, Ben Shapiro said of White Fragility, “It is a truly awful book on every level.”

Christian writer Samuel Sey delivered a definitive review: “White Fragility Is Pro-Racism.”

According to Sey, “I read White Fragility over four days, and it damaged me in each of the four days. The book is more damaging than any massive nail to my foot. Robin DiAngelo has managed to accomplish the difficult task of writing a book that is simultaneously anti-white and white supremacist. And yet, it’s the bestselling book on racism today…Anti-racism is just pro-racism appearing as an angel of light. Anti-racism is an anti-Christ ideology that uses racism as a means to fight supposed racism. It’s an ideology that labels good as evil and evil as good. And it’s in direct opposition to Christianity.”

So, yeah. Don’t read White Fragility.

And let me repeat: Don’t read White Fragility unless you have to do so for research. If you buy the book it enriches the anti-racism con. Also, if it damages a strong Christian like Sey, what might it do to you? We should all profit from his experience. Avoid the danger.

Conservative Christian thinkers joined in the criticism of Stetzer’s tweet.

Dr. James White pointed out the absurdity of the concept White Fragility. He tweeted, “The entire concept is, of course, absurd, at least in adult thinking. Is there Asian Fragility? Hispanic Fragility? Black fragility? The whole idea is the product of critical theory run amuck.” 

Stetzer was J.D. Greear’s choice to chair the 2020 Resolutions Committee for the Southern Baptist Convention. In other words, Stetzer is the ultimate, deep state, political insider. Stetzer’s nomination drew criticism from conservatives since Stetzer serves as interim teaching pastor at the non-denominational Moody Church in Chicago. That shows how connected he is–he is not pastoring an SBC church but still gets the key SBC positions.

Also, Stetzer has a history of questionable conduct at Christianity Today. During the COVID-19 Pandemic he called the lab origination theory for the Pandemic a conspiracy theory and then when just a few hours later the US government confirmed it was investigating that very issue–he secretly deleted those parts of his column.

This was not the first ethical lapse for Stetzer who accepted a car from disgraced mega-church pastor James MacDonald.

Safe to say, Ed Stetzer is not a trusted voice for Evangelicals.

2 thoughts on “Ed Stetzer promotes White Fragility”

  1. I agree, Stetzler does nothing to help ethlnic relations, and much to harm. There is only one race, the human race, with many different people. Accusing others of racism only divides people. The liberal media and authors never refer to the core problem of the division of ethnic groups, which is the false theory of evolution, first promelgated ty a Muslim, centuries before Columbus. The African slaves were brought to America by New England slave traders, in their ships. They in turn bought slaves from Muslim slave traders, who bought them from black Africans,who raided other tribes, and sold their capitves to the Muslims.

  2. Let me save you some time. Here is the premise of ‘White Fragility’:

    #1 Whites are racists
    #2 If you don’t agree with point #1 you are racist (see Ed’s tweet above for an excellent example)

    So you can either peacefully consent that you are (if you are a white person) a racist, or you can “prove” that you are a “racist” by pointing out their ‘tails-I-win-heads-you-lose’ premise.

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