John MacArthur: America looks like a massive Jerry Springer Show.

John MacArthur: Apparently, a Master of Divinity does not come with a backbone.

John MacArthur’s brave stand for the First Amendment brings attention to Leftist Tyranny in California.

John MacArthur and Grace Community Church made a brave stand for the Gospel and religious freedom by holding church services last Sunday. And now everyone waits for how the People’s Republic of California will respond. We know the bureaucracy is paying attention and an investigation is underway.

“The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health in a statement provided to Religion News Service said its Environmental Health division ‘is investigating and will be reaching out to the church leaders to let them know they need to comply with the Health Officer Order,’” according to RNS.

Pastor John MacArthur said any next level action against the church likely will begin with the health authorities.

He told Eric Metaxas, “The next level will be the intrusion of the state and it may start with the health department or something like that,” MacArthur said. (See below for video of Eric Metaxas talking with John MacArthur.

Will that lead to enforcement action? And if so, what kind?

LA has promised stiff action against those who fail to comply with its draconian orders. These include shutting off water and power at the locations.

The State said outdoor church meetings are acceptable. In a statement from the Los Angeles County Health Department, “The State Public Health Officer created an exception to the prohibition against gatherings for faith-based services and cultural ceremonies as well as protests. Churches and protests can only operate outdoors, which is safer than indoors, with protocols in place including physical distancing between non-household members and wearing face coverings. It is important that worship services happen outside. 

However, for large churches tents and outdoor meetings in 100+ degree heat is impossible. The heat likely poses its own serious health threat.

What will happen this week? Next week? Will the Leftist Tyrants in City Hall and Sacramento silently acquiesce or will they escalate the situation? Stay tuned.

Eric Metaxas and John MacArthur

This week, Pastor John MacArthur was interviewed by Tucker Carlson. It was brief but one of the most important conversations so far. Tucker Carlson Tonight is the voice of conservative America during this crisis. His ratings are through the roof even beating MLB games.

However, the interview was short. If you want a deeper dive into the politics and theology of the situation then Eric Metaxas interview with MacArthur provides it. Metaxas had MacArthur sit through an entire hour and then a portion of the next hour too. Video below and below that a few excerpts, comments, and thoughts.

“America looks like a massive Jerry Springer Show,” MacArthur said around the 25:45 mark. “That is not to say that God can’t revive and God can’t bring the Gospel to bear. But I promise you one thing, if all the evangelical leaders are running around trying to make sinners happy, instead of confronting sin and proclaiming the Gospel—it is not going to happen.”

Metaxas brings up and important point—the national conservative media often ignores biblical perspectives on political issues. This is true as much of the conservative establishment dollars go to fund libertarian economic and social policy views as opposed to conservative, Christian views. That is not to say reducing market regulation is a bad thing. It is a good thing. However, the social issues or the Culture War issues are decidedly a low emphasis in most circles of the conservative media and establishment.

That makes hosts like Eric Metaxas and Todd Starnes critical during these times. These men have backbones. Too many pastors do not. And John MacArthur pointed that out by telling Metaxas that an Master of Divinity does not come with a backbone.

Yet, there is hope for Christians.

“Paul the apostle in I Corinthians 2 said we march in a triumph we always triumph in christ why because Christ triumphs,” MacArthur said. “Psalm 2 tells us that God is going to give the nations of the world to his son and he tells the nations of the world kiss the Sn lest He be angry. He will come as the final judge and the final earthly king. He will establish his kingdom in this world Christ triumphs. We march in his triumph. It’s not up to us to change the world. He has the plan. It’s only up to us to be the tools that He uses to do that by living godly lives and preaching the saving Gospel.”

MacArthur says that some Christians would rather fight on another issue such as LGBT laws. However, MacArthur rejected that.

“The first hill that we come to we’ll die on that hill for the sake of the freedom to preach the gospel in this country,” MacArthur said.

And that is just a few samples of the Metaxas and MacArthur interview. Watch it all. It is rewarding.

17 thoughts on “LA County Health Department ‘Investigating’ MacArthur’s Grace Community Church”

  1. I’m with MacArthur. The very sad thing is that he will no-doubt come under “friendly fire” for this. I’ve already seen one headline from Baptist News Global, stating “How John MacArthur loves the Bible but not his neighbor,” LOL! The reality of it is, John Mac stands up firmly and actually believes and obeys the word of God, and this shines a light on the weakness of other so-called Christians who won’t. Therefore, they don’t like him. How ironic that is, in light of the fact that this is the exact reason that sinners hate Christians: they shine the light on their sins simply by being righteous themselves. It’s a shameful day in the American church. But, this kind of thing has the effect of purifying the church. When persecution comes, the wheat and the tares are largely separated. God bless John MacArthur and the people of Grace Community Church. Don’t ever stop obeying God, and loving your neighbor. You are shining examples of both.

    1. God bless you! We need to take a stand and open churches. Yes, obey God and love our neighbor. May we be so strong in Canada! Please pray for this country.
      We love because He first loved us.

    2. Thank you John MacArthur for leading the way and taking a stand! May other righteous pastors find courage to stand as you have in the face of opposition!

    3. Our allegiance is to God not men. I applaud Pastor John for having the courage tp stand up for the faith . They tried to stop Paul from preaching and he would not because he was bound by God to continue. The science these politicians is incorrect. Dr. Fauci has been wrong every time and probably is the cause of many people dying because he would not allow drugs that work, for example HCQ, We are fighting evil and the best way to do it is by standing up for truth. The main stream news outlets will not give you truth, You have an obligation to search for it yourself.

  2. A Pastors failure is to not live out their theology……true faith shows up in character obedience….holiness….virtue…..John Mac

  3. He’s right . . . Until the first (second, third, …) person dies or has life altering results from Covid.

  4. This is not a “Brave stand” as you put it, but instead incredibly foolish. Los Angeles County has extremely high case loads. Numerous outbreaks have been linked now to churches meeting in closed settings with poor ventilation. How many people need to die? 0. They could meet outside, and even had tents outside. This was just foolish on their part. I felt like the congregation was not told the whole truth. Many people are saying how good this action is on behalf of JMac without actually reading the current regulations in California. Just like having no-shirt or shoes denies you entry into a business, so does wearing a mask or holding a religious service (of ANY religion btw) indoors where aerosols of this virus spread and can kill people. If you looked at JMac’s services the past two weekends, people were not wearing masks and not caring at all about the guidelines. This sends a message to everyone else that 1) I don’t care if I kill other people 2) the church doesn’t care 3) Jesus doesn’t care. I would understand his outrage or anger if the pandemic was over entirely and then churches were still told to remain closed. A pandemic does not last 2 months, the Spanish Flu lasted almost a whole year. Just because you *think* something will last longer than a couple months or even into next year does not give you the right to trample on the government ordinance in regards to a health order to not just protect your members, but also the public at large (and subsequently businesses). Each time JMac meets it is like spitting in the face of everyone who has been doing the right thing, all the businesses that have shut down, all of it. They are not being persecuted when other high risk businesses have been told to move their services outside. In addition, him claiming it is persecution is also like trashing all the actual martyrs that have died in service to Christianity for years, all because his church was told to meet outside due to a pandemic which has now killed 140,000+ people in the United States.

    1. for a fair and balanced interpretation of the data, read “the case against masks”…there is another side to the story.

    2. Our allegiance is to God not men. I applaud Pastor John for having the courage tp stand up for the faith . They tried to stop Paul from preaching and he would not because he was bound by God to continue. The science these politicians is incorrect. Dr. Fauci has been wrong every time and probably is the cause of many people dying because he would not allow drugs that work, for example HCQ, We are fighting evil and the best way to do it is by standing up for truth. The main stream news outlets will not give you truth, You have an obligation to search for it yourself.

  5. People can get together to protest and lewd businesses but church is bad.. you people need to get your priorities straight really…

  6. Can you please correct the typo “kiss the Sn lest He be angry.” Psalm 2:12 it is kiss the Son lest He be angry. Thank you

  7. I stand with John MacArthur! He and the Elders of Grace Community Church did not force over 3000 people to attend the church service. They are people that made their own choices. That is what everyone should be doing, or should be “ allowed” to do. Praise the Lord that he took a stand!

  8. Praise the Lord for your faithfulness and courage to open and worship our Lord in the church at this moment!!! The Lord is with you.

    I understand how difficult at this critical time to worship our Lord specially in CA. But you are real salt and light in this world. You are only loyal to our God without any fear of this evil world. This reminds me of the scripture:”Yet I will leave seven thousand in Israel, all the knees that have not bowed to Baal, and every mouth that has not kissed him.” (1Kings 19:18)

    You set up an example for all of us, Christians, to fellow, to be faithful to the end. You encouraged me to stand firm and be faithful to our Lord and our Lord only. Pray for you.

  9. I think this is great and it’s about time the church as an organized body stood up to the idiocy of government overreach. Besides, the constitution merely identifies our right “to alter or to abolish” a government that becomes “destructive” of the ends for which it was formed, namely, securing our rights. And Newsom should be abolished along with his ilk for what he is doing to California. Los Angeles should be shut down for what it’s doing and a new body of people who preserve the people’s rights put into place effective immediately.
    Also, Jefferson spoke of throwing off a government (not overthrow of a government, which is different). And that it is not only our right but our duty to throw off such government when we have been reduced to “absolute Despotism.” Newsom is clearly on the way to that and perhaps has already pegged that meter. Time for the people to rise up and take back what is theirs! This is our land not Newsom’s and his criminal miscreants.

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