Protesters in Portland burned Bibles outside the federal courthouse, according to new video. The video highlights the godless goals of the Neo-Marxist Woke Mobs. Mobs in some cities burned churches and now it is Bibles. What’s next?

Ian Miles Cheong tweeted, “Left-wing activists bring a stack of Bibles to burn in front of the federal courthouse in Portland…I don’t know what burning the Bible has to do with protesting against police brutality. Do not be under the illusion that these protests and riots are anything but an attempt to dismantle all of Western Civilization and upend centuries of tradition and freedom of religion.”

And Eric Metaxas made an important historical comparison. He tweeted, “A century before the Third Reich, German poet Heinrich Heine prophesied that where books are burned, humans will soon be burned also. Antifa/BLM has chosen the brazenly atheist path of Joseph Goebbels. Let the reader understand.”

This is perceptive. The very spirit motivating the Leftist Mobs in American cities is the spirit that forces the China’s Uyghur Muslims into reeducation and forced labor camps.

It is the hubris of self-righteousness.

It is the legacy of Marx and Stalin and Mao and all such tyrants.

The very spirit of antichrist is at work today.

In times past, the American public and elites would deplore this conduct. Today, it is cheered from by the masses, the elites and the nation’s rulers. Woe is coming. Even great woes to such a nation and people.

Time is running out to save America from disaster.

Crime surged in American cities as riots rocked America. Democratic mayors encouraged violence with anti-police rhetoric and policies that encouraged protests and riots.   

Yet, these same Leftist Tyrants use the Pandemic to keep churches locked.

Where is justice?

Where are the brave Christian leaders fighting this?

Are you fighting this? If not, will you?

Will you take up the cause of Christ and in so doing take up the cause of the Church and your nation?

Because if not, your children and grandchildren will face a much worse America. A dystopia where Christians are the ones persecuted. For, it is very true that where they burn Bibles today that it will be Christians tomorrow—unless something changes.

Be part of the change.

6 thoughts on “Analysis: Leftists Burning Bibles Now, Christians Later”

  1. In any random assortment of people, there will be various urges and political orientations, including rabid atheism. So a rabid atheist burned a stack of bibles. So the mob did nothing. That’s what mobs do. They’re like weather systems. They swirl and move and rain down chaos upon whatever they touch. They don’t make decisions. The burning of the bibles doesn’t mean the mob is a Godless Atheist Marxist insurrection.

    That’s too easy.

    What it means, what it signals, what the burning of the Bibles reinforces is that the mob is CHAOS. There is no decision-making vanguard guiding this thing. It is just one thing after another, in an escalating fashion, going to who knows what, but certainly not calming down. The burning of Bibles is another escalation.

    And yes, they are coming for your book next.

    The Amercian people are trapped on a narrow path with steep cliffs on either side: the two cliffs are Trump and Biden, choose your disaster (sorry if you disagree). The narrow path leads to more chaos (i.e., more BLM) and eventual militarized dictatorship (for your “security” thanks to an unhinged right wing).

    Is there any way BACK?

    The White Nationalists have a saying about their race war: converge at the center, and push to the borders.

    This is what centrists need to do right now. Nice-talking, hand-shaking, tomorrow-dreaming centrists of every political persuasion need to converge at the center and push to the borders until there emerges a reasonable American consensus again. For too long centrists have been polite, letting extremist elements control the narrative. Centrists need to get loud.

    This isn’t about Democrat or Republican any more.

  2. I encourage you to read the actual local news report, not the scene above, which came from Russia Today.

    “Around 12:30 a.m. people began starting a fire in the street in front of the federal courthouse which started with burning a bible, then an American flag, until more and more items were added. Finally around 1 a.m., yellow clad members of the group Moms United for Black Lives Matter went over to the fire and put it out with bottles of water and stamped it out.”

    Please don’t assume all protesters are the same or that they support such destruction.

    1. The criminal driver is just as responsible for the murder of a bank teller as the criminal who pulled the trigger of the gun
      Those “moms” and others give cover and shelter in some ways to those elements

    2. The flag burning and bible burning were themes of Marxism and Fascist countries. I doubt that Antifascist groups would stoop so low as to do what they fought against. This has to be a small group within the group. One report stated the Moms put it out.

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