Privilege Walk part of course work for PCA missions class.

Learn to Check Your Privilege before becoming a PCA pastor.

Want to earn an M.Div. or M.A. at one of the prime Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) seminaries? Then be prepared to check your privilege. Specifically, your white, western civilization privilege. That’s the goal of one course at Covenant Theological Seminary.

The required course for M.Div. and MA programs is God’s World Mission WM 310. In a syllabus published by Enemies Within the Church and made public by a concerned student, there are several alarming things taught to future preachers.

The Course Objectives reveal the real purpose of the course:

To lament the Western, white cultural captivity of the Church and to place ministerial priority on the socially and culturally marginalized.”

Wow. Captivity of the church to white culture?

And place Ministerial Priority on the marginalized?

What does any of that have to do with preparing pastors to preach the Gospel?

And course assignments intend to make clear how evil white theology is.

The Privilege Walk is one classroom activity that highlights sources of privilege. Participants take a step forward or backward based on a series of questions. Questions like:

Imagine you are in a relationship, if you can get married in the State of ___ take one step forward.
If you studied the culture of your ancestors in elementary school, take one step forward.
If your ancestors were forced to come to the USA not by choice, take one step back.
If you were ever stopped or questioned by the police because of your race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation, take one step back.

You can see the complete list of Privilege Walk questions here, according to the source of the Syllabus.

A writing assignment requires students to write a 3-page paper reflecting on: 1.) What is the nature of culture and its role in the life of the Church and; 2.) how have the racial, ethnic, cultural, socio-economic, gender and national elements of your identity affected (positively and negatively) your theology, worship and ministry.”

And you can’t graduate the M.Div. program at Covenant without taking this class.

According to the Course Purpose, “God’s World Mission is a required course in the MDiv and MA core at Covenant Seminary. This course of study is designed to offer disciples of Jesus Christ an understanding of God’s mission to create a chosen people that is comprised of every tribe, nation and tongue. The course explores methodological and historical sources to develop effective missional partnerships and cultural competence that is both faithful to Scripture and relevant to our increasingly multiethnic world. The course will proceed thematically in three central components: missional methodology, missional history, and missional practice. 3 credits.”

How do the writing assignments, privilege walk and teaching ministers to lament white culture’s influence on the church and to prioritize ministry to the marginalized fit in with the course purpose?

Think this isn’t a big deal? It is just one class? Well, lots of pastors were exposed to this.

Covenant claims the distinction of being “the largest supplier of pastors for the PCA.”

It is another sign of the PCA going all in on the Woke Social Justice Movement.

Is this good for the Gospel?

Look at how Critical Race Theory has infested the PCA. A video put together by one concerned PCA member documents many recent instances of Identity Politics. Some of the highlights are disturbing. Watch as the 44th Moderator of the GA declares “I’m not a recovered racist. I’m a recovering racist.”

Good grief. The PCA is in serious trouble.