Big Eva Elites make their choice known. David French retweeted endorsement of SBC Presidential candidate Bart Barber.

Daily Wire journalist Megan Basham noted that David French, a Presbyterian, retweeted Dan Darling’s endorsement of Bart Barber for President of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Basham observed, “Anyone have any thoughts on why a PCA media figure is re-tweeting endorsements for SBC president?”

You might remember that David French called Drag Queen Story Hours a blessing of liberty.

You might remember David French teaching intergenerational sin—or the idea that white people alive today are guilty for the sins of their fathers.

David French opposes banning Critical Race Theory.

Oh, and David French spread lies about the National Religious Broadcaster Association (NRB)—lies that involved none other than Dan Darling.

That is just how Big Eva roles.

So, naturally, David French happily promotes Dan Darling’s friend Bart Barber.

That tells the discerning reader all they need to know about Bart Barber. However, here are a few additional facts about Bart Barber and why he is David French’s choice to be SBC president.

Barber has discredited himself already by attacking conservatives and defending Leftist Ed Litton’s plagiarism by claiming the Apostles were plagiarists.

Barber even attacked Megan Basham’s story on Tom Ascol running for president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Notice a trend? Bart Barber is just like David French! After all, they both get invited to speak at our seminaries.

Corey Smith said it best: “If you like David French, you will LOVE Bart Barber.”

And this is true.

Bart Barber is a Russell Moore shill—who retweeted more than one Russell Moore anti-Trump rant.

Bart Barber will continue the status quo in the Southern Baptist Convention where Evangelical Elites continue to erode conservative values.