After claiming it was “great” if a Christian were to vote for a Democrat, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention has embraced Gender Justice. Whatever that is.

In a devotional published by J.D. Greear at his website, the SBC president opines, “When it comes to questions like racial justice, gender justice, and responding to abuse charges, there has often been a malaise in the church, in large part because the injustice didn’t directly affect those of us sitting in places of privilege.”

Privilege? Gender Justice?

That’s too Woke for me.

And I’ve had five cups of coffee this  morning. OK, now six.

It is like someone is trying to subtly change how Southern Baptists think about important cultural issues.

It is like how someone would misuse the stories of Daniel and Joseph to promote immigration.

It is like how someone would deceitfully call Jesus a “so-called illegal immigrant.”

It is like…well, you get the idea.

So, what is gender justice?

It sounds so hip. So happening. So right now. So big city.

So progressive.

And, guess what! Gender Justice is popular among global progressives. In a United Nations report it calls for the end of inequality based on gender, “Gender justice entails ending the inequalities between women and men that are produced and reproduced in the family, the community, the market and the state.”

But, what’s driving this Woke buzzword into use among Big Eva?

Gender Justice lacks clarity

Greear’s point in the devotional post is to encourage Christians to advocacy. He wants Christians speaking against injustices.

That is not necessarily bad advice. We should protect abuse victims and those being murdered by abortion.

But, we are missing clarity.

This is a trend for Greear, who recklessly spoke about “tearing down all hierarchy” between men and women, and claimed Muslims worship the same God as Christians.

Now, he doesn’t mean what those statements imply. He was just carelessly imprecise.

His words are winsome. They appeal to the culture. They aren’t carefully nuanced or theologically sound.

But why promote Gender Justice?

Is this getting the Southern Baptist Convention ready for a push to elect a woman as president in 2020? Must we correct that inequality?

Who knows?

But expect more progressive buzzwords to infiltrate the Southern Baptist Convention. It is more evidence that the Analytical Tools of this world are influencing the church.

Wasn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

2 thoughts on “Southern Baptist Convention President promotes Gender Justice”

  1. So what is Great really saying here? Gender justice? Does he mean we should respect one another, female or male in the job circuit, community, politics, etc. If that’s the case than Jesus said it first when He said “love your neighbor as yourself” He meant it for both genders.

    When it comes to Muslims worshiping the same God, Greer is dead wrong! We, Christian worship a loving God, not a God who wants to destroy, kill & devour people that do not believe as you do. That would be Satan!

    Great needs to speak in layman’s terms and give clarity to what he means.

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