Alabama Recruiting Update
Alabama Recruiting Update

With Alabama facing an open date this Saturday, it is a good time to mention some of the recruiting profiles posted in the last few weeks. In case you missed them, we’ve posted a series of profiles of some of Alabama’s top commitments. Here are links to the posts, you can read what high school coaches say about their players and in many cases see video of the recruits.

Cameron Robinson is 6’6” and 320 pound tackle and a top Alabama commitment for the class. Watch video of him and find out what coaches say about the offensive lineman.

This morning, we posted a profile of a top defensive lineman recruit Solomon Thomas. You can find out what criteria the defensive lineman has for selecting where he will play college football.

Find out about Ronnie Clark in this profile of the Calera High School standout.

WR Cameron Sims officiates YMCA youth football games. You can find out more about him and why this standout impresses his high school coaches.

QB David Cornwell is profiled here before his injury.

Tide commitment Shaun Dion Hamilton is profiled in this piece. You can find out more about how his academic success helps him on the football field.

Bo Scarbrough is profiled in this piece. Find out more about his style of play and what makes him such a highly prized recruit.

3 thoughts on “Recruiting updates for Alabama’s open week”

  1. I keep seeing how Alabama is ranked #1 in the next recruiting class already. To my knowledge, they’ve been in the #1 spot the entire season, however I’ll admit I don’t follow recruiting as closely as many of the smartest college football fans I know.

    Recruiting is a different sport altogether. Clemson was destroyed in an inexcusably bad loss at home by Florida State, but Gameday was right there in Clemson for the second time in two months. Clemson lost the game, but the recruiting benefits don’t wash away, even with a loss like that.

    However, don’d underestimate both how good Alabama’s crew are at recruiting and how important Alabama’s dominance can help in getting recruits. Tuscaloosa is gorgeous. NFL dreams come true here. But none of that is necesarily enough.

    I may be speaking out of my arse here a little bit, but getting a high-ranked quarterback to come to Alabama out of Utah, I mean, just think about what that means.

    I’m not sure what a bye-week means for recruiting (seriously, I don’t know, fill me in if you have ideas), but I can’t pretend it’s not exciting.

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