Alabama Recruiting Update: Ronnie Clark Profile
Alabama Recruiting Update: Ronnie Clark Profile

Ronnie Clark is ‘very mature’ and ‘wise beyond his years’

By Dave Friedman
Powerhouse programs from across the country courted Calera High School senior Ronnie Clark. At 6’3” and 210 pounds he profiles as an impact college player at either safety or linebacker. While playing for USC or Notre Dame had intrigue, for Clark it was always a two-horse race between Alabama and Auburn. Clark’s mom has MS and he wanted to remain close to her. On October 4 he committed to Alabama. Calera coach Wiley McKeller says that Clark’s role in his family impacts him as a football player.

“His dad works with the railroad and is gone a lot, and his mom has MS,” said McKeller. “Ronnie is the man of the house quite a bit. He fills in whatever role he needs to. He’s very mature. He is wise beyond his years.”

From Twitter: Ronnie Clark with Alabama coach Nick Saban.
From Twitter: Ronnie Clark with Alabama coach Nick Saban.
While Clark is forced into adult roles at home, he brings that same detail oriented studious approach to the field.

“He has tremendous ball skills,” said McKeller. “He is very strong. He breaks on the ball well. He’s a student of the game and knows where to be. He sees the big picture.”

Aside from the way he plays the sport, Clark exudes a certain air about himself.

“He’s the first guy you’ll notice,” said McKeller. “He has a certain look. An it factor. He has it. A magnetic personality. You can tell he’s a player. There is a confidence there.”

Clark is also a good bet to remain focused on whatever goal he is chasing.

“When you meet Ronnie, you realize that he’s probably not going to have any trouble adjusting,” said McKeller. “He’s not satisfied. You see a lot of kids with ability. The X factor is his maturity level. His mind set is different. He concentrates. He’s level-headed.”

Coaches are confident that Clark can play either linebacker or safety in college. McKeller believes that he runs well enough to be a safety and has the frame to to hold more weight and be an impact linebacker. In fact, his coach thinks he can be a successful pro.

“He fits the NFL build,” said McKeller. “He’s heady and savvy. There’s no doubt he has the talent. If he continues to work with his drive and motivation the sky’s the limit.”

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  1. Ronnie comes from a great family. I had the opportunity to meet his mom and dad at his announcement. They are solid, providing this young man with a firm foundation from which to work from. Seemed mature beyond his years, and all business. A very high character player not swayed by the rah-rah crap and shiny promises some programs have to employ. That said, it was no contest between Bama and the other school he had narrowed it down to.

    He will wind up at safety and will step into the role of Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix when Dix moves on. Clark stands 6’3″, and is every bit of 210. He’ll beef up to 215-220 and become a nightmare in the deep middle, reminding me a lot of former Bama and current Saints safety Roman Harper.

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