Alabama Recruiting Profile: Cameron Sims
Alabama Recruiting Profile: Cameron Sims

By Dave Friedman

The next time Alabama commitment Cameron Sims gets called for an offensive pass interference, he has only himself to blame. Sims knows what is legal and what isn’t on the gridiron. When he’s not playing football, practicing football, training for football, or battling his friends in a hard fought football video game, he works as a referee upholding the rules for YMCA football games. A senior wide receiver at Ouachita Parish High School in Monroe, La., Sims stands just over 6’3” and weights more than 200 pounds. He brings intangibles to the Tide that are hard to find.

“He’s a hard worker with great athletic ability and is a big kid,” said Ouachita Parish coach Jeff Fitzgerald. “That combination makes him special.”

And because Sims is so unique, Fitzgerald uses him in a lot of different ways.

“He does a bit of everything for us,” said Fitzgerald. “He runs the fade, and the hitch. He makes people miss. He is quick for a big kid. We direct snap it to him sometimes. He plays some DB, and returns kicks and punts. He’s very good. We wouldn’t have him doing all of those things if he wasn’t.”

Sims committed to Alabama in August after considering Ole Miss and Oklahoma State among others. Whether it be college scouts, or fans watching one of his games, Fitzgerald said it is obvious why so many people are drawn to him.

“They notice him because he is better than everybody else,” said Fitzgerald. “His size, ability to break tackles, and make people miss is easy to see. On defense he makes big hits.”

Because Sims also plays on the Lions basketball team, Fitzgerald thinks that his growth potential in football is even greater than someone concentrating on just one sport.

“The weight room will do wonders for him,” said Fitzgerald. “He has a big frame and broad shoulders. Because he plays basketball, he’s not in the weight room all the time. He’s still growing and can get big.”

According to Fitzgerald, Sims is a quiet kid who lets his play do the talking, and has really worked to become an excellent receiver.

“He’s a good route runner,” said Fitzgerald. “He’s sharp. He’s been to lots of camps and been well coached. This is what he loves.”

Sims and Derek Kief are the only wide receivers committed thus far to the Tide in the 2014 class. Sims told ESPNU that he chose Alabama in part because he can play right away and showcase his talent.

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  1. It’s a long time to February. These young superstars who want to leave their home States to play for hated rival Alabama are under unbelievable pressure to flip. Some of them even have themselves and their families threatened. Hope he withstands it all. RTR!

    1. True that.
      But if he has the resolve to withstand it. He has the resolve to be a champion.

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