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What you need to know about OL Cameron Robinson

By Dave Friedman

The question about who will replace AJ McCarron as Tide quarterback is hotly debated with lots of options. Who is the short-term, and long-term answer as signal caller and captain of the offense? While the query is up for debate, the long-term solution to protecting that person’s backside became clear on September 4. Cameron Robinson of West Monroe high school in Louisiana became the first five-star recruit of the 2014 class to commit to Alabama. The 6’6” and 320 pound tackle whose father Steve Foley attended Louisiana-Monroe and spent seven seasons as an NFL linebacker with the Bengals, Texans, and Chargers, is rated by some as one of the top recruits at any position in the country.

“He’s an NFL player without a doubt,” said West Monroe coach Jerry Arledge. “He could be the number one overall pick if he works hard and continues to improve.”

OL Cameron Robinson committed to Alabama. He is considered one of the top prospects in the nation.
OL Cameron Robinson committed to Alabama. He is considered one of the top prospects in the nation. Photo via Twitter.
OL Cameron Robinson committed to Alabama. He is considered one of the top prospects in the nation. Photo via Twitter.[/caption]What sets Cameron Robinson apart is not only being an incredible athlete, but having great agility. It is his combination of skill and body makeup that creates the total package.

“For a big guy, he has the best feet I have ever seen,” said Arledge. “He’s like a ballet dance, on his toes all of the time. That’s pretty amazing for a guy who weighs 320 pounds. At all of the camps, Alabama, LSU, Nike, he won most of the battles against the best players in the country. Everyone just fell in love with him at the camps. He has great work habits, is well spoken, motivated, and a great athlete.”

Robinson’s final decision came down to LSU and Alabama with the Tide able to secure their third commitment in the class from the state of Louisiana. Some have speculated that longtime friend Cameron Sims, a wide receiver from Ouachita Parish high in Monroe, who signed with Nick Saban’s squad in August, influenced his decision.

“We certainly didn’t influence his decision,” said Arledge. “It is not the coach’s role to make those choices. He is an 18 year old, and it is his decision. We would have loved for him to go to LSU, it is our state school, but you can’t go wrong with any of the big time choices.”

West Monroe has produced NFL talent in the recent past. Bradie James was an All American linebacker at LSU and spent eight seasons with the Cowboys after being drafted in the fourth round. Andrew Whitworth was a second round pick of the Bengals after graduating from LSU. Whitworth made the Pro Bowl last year on the offensive line. The sixth pick in April’s draft, Barkevious Mingo, a defensive end from LSU, went to West Monroe and was selected by the Browns.

After playing basketball last winter, Cameron Robinson spent much of the off-season in the weight room. He equaled West Monroe’s power clean record, and now may be in his final semester of high school.

“He sees the light at the end of the tunnel,” said Arledge. “He’s a decent student and may graduate mid-term.”

When asked what Robinson would study in Tuscaloosa, Arledge said, “football.”

Scroll down to watch video of offensive lineman Cameron Robinson working in drills.

Video of Alabama comittment OL Cameron Robinson

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  1. Amazing how he carries that much weight on that 6’6″ frame – he almost looks thin for an OL. Great footwork, too. I wonder if Cochran tries to put some more weight on him or leaves him like he is? He looks like Michael Oher, but with better moves.

  2. Ok, I know I have picked, and just been a complete ass on here towards , bama fans. However this is a post about a legitimate concern i have about something dealing with bama. The official facebook page of alabama athletics posted this today…”September 11, 2013 marks the centennial of the birth of legendary football coach Paul W. “Bear” Bryant. To celebrate Coach Bryant’s life and legacy, we are asking all Alabama football fans to change their profile pictures to this image on September 11th. Save this photo to your computer (see, then upload it as a new profile picture (see then Learn more about the Centennial Celebration at” WOW ! Just Wow! How could the higher ups at the U of A even consider trying to hijack this day in american history over the birthday of a football coach? Yes he was the best to ever walk the sideline in the college game , but just knowing what this date means to the people in this country makes this so far beyond wrong it is sad. Celebrate the mans birthday all you want but when you make statements like ” this 9/11 lets remember the bear” that takes it to another level. Coming from a military family this is very offensive to me. Forget the whole Auburn Vs. Alabama thing for a second. We as americans should never forget the tragedy that happened on this date 12 years ago. We should never put a football coach’s birthday ahead of the memory of the lives that was lost . Flame this post all you want ( don’t really give a sh*t if you do) but if you have a single decent bone in your body , you will email / call the university and demand that find another way to celebrate the birthday. Show some class. bama.

    1. Spare me the false outrage. It’s his 100th birthday. Many Bama fans have bled and died for this country and would also want the Bear honored.

      It’s also my sister’s birthday. Is it wrong for me to celebrate that?

      Pathetic flame by a pathetic person.

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