Sports Illustrated has notified Oklahoma State of an upcoming series detailing major transgressions by the Cowboy football program starting in 2001.

In a Monday news release, SI gave highlights of the five-part series that will begin today with a posting on The magazine says it conducted interviews with over 60 former Oklahoma State players who played for the school from 2001-10.

The allegations of misconduct and potential NCAA violations include:

• An Oklahoma State assistant coach paid cash bonuses to players of up to $500 for performance.

• Oklahoma State boosters and at least two assistant coaches funneled money to players and provided sham jobs for which players were paid.

• Tutors and other school personnel completed school work for players and professors gave passing grades for little or no work.

• The program’s drug policy was selectively enforced, allowing some star players to go unpunished for repeated positive tests.

• Some members of a hostess program used by the football coaching staff during the recruitment of players had sex with recruits.

Oklahoma State said it has notified the NCAA and launched its own investigation. Furthermore, Oklahoma State athletic director Mike Holder apologized to his fellow athletic directors around the Big 12 Conference yesterday in advance of what’s expected to be a scathing expose of the football program by Sports Illustrated.

“I apologize to all the athletic directors in the conference for what’s about to happen, for what’s about to be said about a member institution,” Holder said at a news conference without taking questions. “That reflects on everyone, all our brothers and peers, we’re very remorseful about that.”

Oklahoma State doesn’t know how this game is played, and is about to get rocked because of it. The Cowboys are showing way too much integrity and honesty in the situation, lifting their skirts for the NCAA to come in and pillage their program.

A phone call to Auburn on how to deal with the NCAA is in order, where you deny everything, lawyer up, don’t concede an inch of ground to the governing organization, and offer zero admittance on any and all allegations, even though common sense says there’s no way you’re innocent.

The foul stench wafting from Lee County has smelled for years, yet somehow all the NCAA has come away with is the scent of roses. Something tells me if the Cowboys want that flowery smell for their program, they’d better start dialing the 334 area code quick.

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2 thoughts on “Oklahoma State has much to learn from Auburn”

  1. Oklahoma State sounds too sincere to not get in big trouble. What a mess.

    But if they’re looking for a way out, they need look no further than a phone call to Little Brother on the Plains.

  2. Curtis Luper coached at Oklahoma State from 2005-2008.
    Trooper Taylor coached at OSU in 2008.
    Some would just call this a coincidence however.

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