A circle of fans gather to do....something
A circle of fans gather to do….something

The Toomer’s Corner trees have officially been removed. They are gone, but they will forever live in our hearts.

The photo above shows fans encircled at the site, singing, praying, chanting…doing something.

May we never, ever forget how beautiful those oaks were with, or without toilet paper draped in their branches. And even though Auburn people themselves have been killing them for years, as reported by the Auburn Alumni magazine in the winter of 2007, may Harvey Updyke rot in his cell for the next few weeks until his release.

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16 thoughts on “PHOTO: The trees are gone…officially”

  1. It is a sad day indeed for the Family. I shall later don my crown and try to rally the masses behind myself and Gus. I have ordered the assistant coaches wives to put a large picture of each tree at the site where people can bring thier flowers and lay them there in tribute of the trees that gave us so much. Afterward there will be a nice candle light vigil. Followed by a brief reading of the Book of Proverbs by Pat Dye and Reverned Chette (yummy….)
    F*ck You Pagan Bammer Trash!!!! May you all rot in hell!!!!

    1. It’s spelled ‘Fambly’ Kristi.You’ve been in RKansas too long dear girl so you get a pass.

      Love You !

  2. There are going to be some really neat-o gifts of Toomer Oak being produced [officially licensend ???] soon.

    1. Don’t forget, they don’t just roll the trees for Auburn wins. They also always roll the trees for every Alabama football loss.

      Which means you’re still completely accurate about the price of toilet paper plummeting.

      Gosh. When you think about it that way, the timing for replacing the trees this year is perfect.

    1. Sure, vicious – because writing about the trees in a fairly complimentary way is JUST LIKE going all the way down to the Corner itself and dumping poison on them. And writing a comment on a story without engaging your brain is just like not doing anything at all. You are an idiot.

      1. Sure, that was very complimentary. Much like the other stories written on this site about the issue; full of love.

        A lot of you showed us all your true colors back when you were treating Updyke like a rock star. You do the “not all Alabama fans are like that” line while high-fiving him and getting autographs and pictures with him-proving that yes, most of you actually are just like him.

        1. And you surely wear your klan robes to a party and wear black face make-up on Halloween, if you are a white Auburn fan. But the trees, now I could really care less, because I don’t understand the big deal about rolling them. I have always thought it was a stupid immature act that seems to pass as a ‘tradition’ for you guys for some reason. By all means, carry on rolling whatever it is they put there. I will still laugh about the absurdity of it, and always understand that only you guys would be the type of people to do something like that. It really does fit the ‘Auburn’ mentality, and I am glad it is your fans doing it, not ours.

    2. The trees were rolled when Alabama lost a football game.

      Frankly, it’s just as much Alabama’s tradition as Auburn’s. If only Alabama had lost more football games…

      Don’t compare most Alabama fans to Updyke. Auburn loved a tradition of throwing toilet paper in dying trees whenever Alabama lost a football game. Why would most Alabama fans want that to stop? It was the most hilariously little-brother tradition in the sport.

  3. Vicious,

    You Auburn bastards rolled the trees when Coach Bryant died. They should have been poisoned on that January day in 1983

  4. Let me see if I got this straight.
    You cut down thousands of trees to make toilet paper to throw on two trees. Then you get upset when those two trees need to be cut down.
    Please Pardon my next outburst…..


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