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The Chiz
The Chiz
Host: Welcome former Auburn Football Coach Gene Chizik. We are glad to have you today on JOX.

Chizik: Well thanks Hammer glad to be here.

Host: Coach I realize that before we came on air you requested that I only ask certain questions but knowing that nobody cares to hear predictable questions with rehearsed answers I am going to ignore that request and ask what everyone wants to know and quite frankly the Auburn alumni and fanbase deserve.

Chizik: Uhhhh ok..??

Host: First of all Coach, what is the real motivation for you to come out and defend the university that fired you a mere 5 months ago?

Chizik: Well, as you know I am a man of great integrity and I want it to be known that we were a clean program that did it right.

Host: I realize that your buyout is scheduled over a course of several years and that probably in some technical sense that makes you still an employee of Auburn but are there stipulations within your contract that state you could lose your buyout if you came forth with derogatory comments or allegations?

Chizik: I am not able to answer questions about my contract.

Host: Are there extra incentives that have been offered to you to publicly speak in Auburn’s defense?

Chizik: Again, I can’t answer those types of questions.

Host: What about your assistants? Are the Lupers and Troopers of the world also being paid “hush money”?


Host: Ok, lets talk about Pat Dye.


Host: What do you mean, I haven’t even asked a question?


Host: All right, I can only guess that leash is still on your neck, next question. Cam Newton. How much coaching went into preparing Cam for his NCAA interviews and who did it?

Chizik: I don’t know what you are talking about!

Host: Well if you recall someone close to the coaches at Mississippi State reportedly stated that she spoke to Cam Newton on the phone and that he told her the Auburn offer was “too much”. Now in the NCAA investigation Cam told the investigators he had no knowledge of his dad shopping him to Miss. St. Someone here is lying, who is it? Did someone at Auburn tell Cam to lie to the NCAA to save his eligibility? Who did that?

Chizik: We’re done. This interview is over!!

Host: Okay. Okay, coach just one more question.

Gene Chizik: WHAT??!!!???

Host: How does it feel to be the latest member of The Processed Club?

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  1. Who is this guy doing the interview. He obviously doesn’t follow sports. The NCAA dug into auburn like they were trying to get to china and didn’t find anything. Now did Mississippi do anything who knows but we defiantly know auburn was clean on the whole Cam Newton controversy. Last has this guy heard anything from what the players said about that woman who first broke the story. They said she twisted their story and straight out lied. Lets believe a woman who has been fired from two jobs and is known to make up stories to try and get attention (duke). She ruined those young boys lives and you want to take her word again. Your an idiot.

    1. Chris you may be right, but I have found that people normally do things based on incentives.

      We may never know the true answer, but no one has answered this question…

      Why would Cam Newton turn down $120,000 from Mississippi State, to play for Auburn for free?

      His father admitted to shopping him around…so what made Auburn so special that he didn’t shop him to Auburn?

      Can any Auburn fan answer this? Anybody? Anybody?

      1. and yet another misinformed idiot that has no clue about what actually happened.

        Please provide a link to Cecil Newton turning down 120,000$ from Miss St. Back that statement up. You cant. It never happened.

        Some of you really are just that stupid.

          1. Mr. 4tide,
            If you read the entire article you might have noticed this little paragraph at the end, and it quotes:

            “The documents said Cecil Newton’s phone records indicate that he and Rogers exchanged some 275 calls or text messages between March 2009 and January 2010, with “the vast majority of these related to MSU’s recruitment of Newton.” Only about 15 came after Newton signed with Auburn on Dec. 31, 2009.

            So looks like 260 calls/texts were about MSU’s recruitment of Cam….only 15 were about AU. So looks like MSU got off squeaky clean on this one. Also….the FBI investigated and found NO WRONG DOING!!! You guys are killing me….let it go!

            Not to mention the whole DJ Fluker thing. Not a soul in the media is making a peep about this. It’s interesting that when an Alabama player simply denies it they must be telling the truth. Innocent until proven guilty….but when AU comes out of a 13 month investigation with the NCAA and FBI with no evidence of wrong doing AU must be lying. Even these “new” allegations have been proven false and yet no one will retract their slander of AU. It’s not fair, but until someone proves with REAL evidence and not just hearsay then AU fans will defend AU. So if you or ITK or yellowhammer, or whore eagle, or anyone else on here has actual evidence….move on.

          2. Where is the link where Cecil Newton turned down the money from Miss St? Back that up. You cant, because it NEVER HAPPENED.

    2. Yep, all that smoke about Auburn created independently around the country is all smoke. Nothing to see here. Auburn is c-l-e-a-n.

      Your assessment of the NCAA “digging into Auburn” is laughable. This is the organization that was handed the Miami case and botched it like a blind surgeon performing heart surgery.

      The NCAA has had serious internal issues. Now, have they dismissed Auburn and moved on, or are they cleaning themselves up and restoring order in Indianapolis, with a keen eye on the thickening Auburn file? Indications of other rulings around the country suggest the latter.

      If I’m an Auburn fan, I don’t rest easy until 2020. There is too much there. Simply too much, and everyone knows it.

      1. And the FBI also investigated AU and found nothing. Their sole reason for operating is to INVESTIGATE. You’re right, the NCAA is not reliable, but the FBI????? come on ITK….the FBI!!!!!! Come on….

        1. It doesnt matter that there is ZERO evidence of wrong doing on Auburns part. These idiots dont care about facts and truth.

          The fact is that over the last quarter century there has been a program in this state that has been found guilty of cheating on multiple occasions. The fact is that one program in this state has been sanctioned 3 TIMES over the last 20 years for absolute corruption from top-to-bottom.

          In fact, this school cheated so much that the NCAA came very, very close to giving these habitual cheaters the Death Penalty.

          Alabama: the EPITOME of cheating.

          1. Neckburn has been put on probation twice during this same period, genius. Once during the Ramsey mess in the 90’s and once in basketball forcing out Cliff Ellis. I won’t even mention the numerous other times when the NCAA has turned it’s head to the shenanigans on the Plains. IF Alabama is the epitome of cheating as you say then Neckburn isn’t very far behind.

            WAR DAMN CHICKEN!!!!!

          2. @Crassus

            Alabama has been sanctioned 3 times in football to Auburns zero over the last 20 years. The last time Auburn was sanctioned in football was 1992.

          3. @vicous

            You said the last quarter century so my post was correct. A quarter century=25 years. I guess they don’t bother to teach Math at Neckburn. Figures since most of their players can’t read and write by their own admission. But they get academic credity anyway, don’t they?

            WAR DAMN CHICKEN!!!!

          4. No, Alabama is just the epitome of getting caught when cheating, not the epitome of cheating.

      2. I’m someone ITK and I don’t “know it”, so I guess your statement “and everyone knows it” proves YOU don’t always make truthful statements.

  2. WOw …after a 5 month break, I stop by this “Bama” site to check out what is going on. I see that 7 out of the 20 “articles” available on the front page are about Auburn.

    You arrogant fools sure are obsessed with “little brother”.

  3. As hope springs eternal in the human breast the brainwashed sanctimonious barners reappear to follow another supposedly righteous leader. The only question is will they return after he is processed. One of the first things that alcoholics and drug addicts have to learn in recovery is that it is not everyone else ( Bama, Georgia, Florida etc) but they themselves who are the problem .

  4. I’m glad the Auburn folk are back. Makes the site more fun. Sadly, they will be gone again once the football season gets going.

    But until then, we get to hear “Prove it! Prove it!” every other day.

    Congratulations on your Equestrian National Championship! I’m jealous….

  5. It is entertaining to have them back although reality always seems to drive them away. They truly are masters of denia and emperors of self-deceit. Self-righteousness is always irritating and always seems to lead to a fall. If last place in the SEC in the three major men s sports is not a fall then maybe there wasn’t t far to go. Teamspeedkills has an interesting analysis of 2007 to 2012 showing the barn to rank right down there with state and vandy despite buying a crystal. By the way our walk on running back graduated with more national championship rings than their program has in it s history. Probably goes a long way to explain how they are

  6. Good read…..
    If I could ask Gene Chizik a question it would be this:

    Why does a “Christian” man lie, obsfuscate and cover up the truth to win at all cost?


    Coach why do you cover up for the people who undermined you, fired you, then publically humiliated you by hiring a former underling to take your position?
    Seriously, Does Gene Chizik have any self respect whatsoever?

  7. Well if you asked me I would say that Gene Chizik ain’t man enough to win at Auburn University. You need a special breed of man who stands head and shoulders as a giant. Like me,Pat Dye. Women want me and men wanna be me. I’am all that.
    Thats right Little Gene. Keep it down home, cuz.

  8. Pat Dye <<<<Still at AU.
    Gene Chizik<<<<Not still at AU.
    If you don't like it I will kick you in the balls.

  9. You want proof?

    So does everyone.

    Auburn fans only see it as “us against the world,” which I can’t stand (tOSU does it too).

    But they can’t see it with any empathy.

    For example, why would ESPN air an E:60 story about Auburn players smoking spice and making allegations the same day the Toomer’s trees were cut down? Is it completely coincidental?

    Or have you considered that ESPN, along with any reporting agency, was completely embarassed by Auburn’s arrogance to think they’d get away with saying they were innocent?

    They did. They got away with it. That’s exactly why everyone’s still pissed. Don’t take Alabama fans’ word for it. That’s missing the point. Take it from an Auburn grad reporter who’s at least respected enough to get on the air.

    Don’t believe her? Fine. But why would so many other news agencies be so willing to air her story? Ratings? Come on. They’re still mad from being so embarassed by Auburn doing a better job at hiding the dirt than they were at finding it after the fact.

    Or maybe airing a spice-smoking, grade-changing Auburn story the day the trees were cut down is still just a coincidence, or worse, an accident for them not realizing how disrespectful it might be to air it at that time. Right?

    I don’t buy it. But forget me. Just don’t brush off the fact that there are so many stories and allegations as meaning the FBI and the NCAA is better at finding information than Auburn is at destroying it. Miami got busted because a guy went to jail and was pissed and squealed like a canary and kept the documents to prove it.
    But Cam? You’re talking about a guy who tried to hide a stolen laptop after the police saw it by dropping it out of his window, a guy who was shopped to one other school we are certain of, and a guy who still hasn’t been able to grow up and show respect on and off the field, even with NFL referees. He’s not a saint. He’s not a martyr. Was anyone surprised he wasn’t there for the tree ceremony this weekend?

    Me either.

    “But how can you say he stole the laptop, he didn’t have it, it was in a shrubbery outside.”

    That’s a good point. No wonder the whole world is still pissed.

    Well, maybe not everyone. I bet OJ Simpson isn’t too upset.

  10. If Auburn is guilty or not, doesn’t really matter now. They’ve done more to themselves than anything the NCAA could do to them.

    2010 was an extreme anomaly, Tuberville was only good when Alabama got hammered by the NCAA, Bowden had that one good year in 93 (while Auburn was on Probation). Dye came in after Bryant and could only beat Bill Curry (Ray Perkins owned Dye).

    Alabama has to be down or in transition for Auburn to be worth a crap. FACT.

  11. Texas A & M bitches. You will lose 3 games this year to LSU A & M and yes AU. Get ready to be middle of the pack. No offensive line means tatoo will get crushed.

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