According to UA Media Relations, Alabama sophomore guard Trevor Lacey has decided to transfer from the men’s basketball program and has been granted his release. The announcement from Crimson Tide head coach Anthony Grant came today.

“I enjoyed having the opportunity to coach Trevor for the two years he was here,” Grant said. “We certainly wish him the best of luck as he continues to pursue his education and his basketball career.”

As a sophomore this past season, the Huntsville native was the only player on the Crimson Tide to start all 36 contests, averaging 11.3 points and 3.8 rebounds a contest while leading the team in assists. Lacey also led the team in three-pointers made (62) and attempted (166) during the 2012-13 campaign.

“It was a family decision to pursue other opportunities,” Lacey said. “This definitely was not an easy decision to make. It’s been great at Alabama during my two years. It was tough my freshman year coming off surgery and having to work my way back. I wanted to improve during my sophomore season and I thought I did that. I want to thank the coaches and staff, my teammates and all the fans for their support.”

During his two seasons at the Capstone, Lacey played in 69 contests while making 52 starts, averaging 9.3 points, 3.4 rebounds and 2.5 assists a game.

The loss of Trevor Lacey is either another step in the wrong direction for the Tide’s stagnant basketball program, or portal opening for a newcomer to step in and contribute immediately. But from the outside looking in, this one stinks.

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4 thoughts on “Trevor Lacey granted release from UA”

  1. my comments on Lacey from a month ago on the Alabama Basketball Blog:

    after the Northeastern game in the NIT a month ago:
    “i thought Lacey’s body language was crap coming out of the half and it looked as if he and Grant were into it with each other. after one possession where Lacey stood dribbling the ball outside the three pt line, waiting for someone to move, he finally threw up and hit a three. he was clearly frustrated and as he was moving down court to defend it looked as if he was jawing with the bench and pointing at his head. on another possession, he drove the lane, scored and then was benched the next timeout.”

    later: “and don’t be surprised if Lacey transfers. his frustration down the stretch has been palpable.”

    if you’ve watched, this should not have come as a surprise. for the last month of the season our TWO TIME ALABAMA MR. BASKETBALL has been going through the motions, clearly expressing frustrations and gaining weight.

    it would be interesting to know what kind of argument the coach (who proclaimed after the SEC tournament he would not be lobbying for his team an NCAA tournament selection) made to keep Trevor Lacey in Tuscaloosa.

  2. I don’t know all there is to know about what brought this about But I don’t blame Trevor Lacey for leaving the basketball program. If I were Trevor Lacey and I had 2 years of eligiblity remaining I would leave too. Hopefully he can get some decent coaching somewhere else. It’s obvious he wasn’t going to get good coaching at Alabama. If I were a high school basketball recruit there’s no way I would play for Anthony Grant. He doesn’t develop players he holds them back.

    1. i think grant’s answers to the questions about lobbying the NCAA selection committee after the SEC tournament were very telling. basically grant just didn’t feel it was his job to get out there and sell his team to the committee.

      we all know what Coach Saban has taught us about selling the process to the player. if they don’t buy into what your trying to do you’re up the creek without a paddle. every offseason since grant has been there at least two players have transferred.

      when you have your signature recruit jump ship two years in, it means something.

      grant got off on the wrong foot with me making Mal wait a week after the job was offered. he was waiting to see if the florida job was going to be available.

      i’ve followed ‘bama basketball since C. M. Newton was coaching. i know we’re not a basketball school. but i would have told him give me an answer now or i’m moving on.

      since we’ve learned grant is an overpaid project. 20 years from now he may be a good coach. right now i just don’t think he is. the real question is does the university give enough of a shit to make changes.

      and the changes i’m talking about aren’t just with coaches.

      those NIT games at Coleman this past season exposed the problems in that gym. the tide totals program is choking the life out of the basketball program. prime seats empty game after game. the one’s with butts in them are sitting on them.

      watch games at maryland, duke, miami, unc, indiana. those crowds affect outcomes of games. they influence officiating. i’ve said for years the opposition gets now fairer a shake than in coleman. there’s a reason for that.

      i’ve been there. i’ve seen it in person. i’ll never forget a nail biter down there w/ miss st. earnest shelton was at the line about to shoot free throws. stansbury sent timmy bowers in the game with the express intent of running in front of shelton as he was about to shoot. shelton had the ball in his hands raising it to shoot when bowers committed the violation. no violation called. duly distracted, shelton missed the free throws. we lost.

      that would never have happened at the O-dome. (gainesville) the refs would know they wouldn’t get out alive by allowing such.

      the crowd for the NIT game w/ stanford was 6000+. it was as loud as the kentucky game crowd. tickets were general admission.

      i don’t think grant’s the man for the job. but i know tom izzo couldn’t do any more than wimp did under the present circumstances.

      gottfried bitched about. wimp did too. newton quit on account of it.

      when will alabama do something about it.

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