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When it comes to basketball, Auburn gets it

War Eagle. There, I said it. What I’ve seen from Lee County in relation to the Tiger basketball program is enough to make even someone like myself say those blasphemous words, as Auburn Athletics Director Jay Jacobs is leading the charge to bring the Auburn basketball program back to relevancy. Last week, minutes after getting […]

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Former Auburn player chastises Auburn Family over treatment of Rashaan Evans

Former Auburn tight end Phillip Lutzenkirchen has had enough of what he’s seen and heard. Lutzenkirchen took to Twitter today to let his voice be heard about the mistreatment of the Evans family at the hands of Auburn people. His commenting on it marks the first official word (I’ve heard) of an Auburn representative speaking […]

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Rashaan Evans: “I’m being treated like I’m Satan.”

The classic move by the Aubuhn Fambly is to deflect. Just listen to their talking heads. Instead of owning up to the travesties being committed on a daily basis against the family of Rashaan Evans, the immediate response is not to admit their sin, but to deflect. You’ve heard it. “You bunch of Updykes. You […]

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Does Bama baseball need a new stadium? The answer is in your Sunday Cup of Coffee.

Among Tide fans, one of the most popular debates these days has to do with Bama baseball. Not on-the-field play, though Alabama’s season hasn’t finished with the promise with which it started. Instead, talk among Bama faithful is in the stands. As in, literally up in the stands…where they’re sitting. If you want to spark […]

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Auburn’s Jay Jacobs says take his word for it, NCAA says they’re clean

The NCAA has not publicly cleared Auburn or commented on Auburn’s myriad of speculative infractions, but Auburn Athletic’s Director Jay Jacobs wants you to know that they have. Thanks Jay. As the cloud continues to hover over Lee County, Jay wants you to know that the NCAA is “satisfied” with Auburn’s defense in the latest […]

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What does OJ Simpson and Auburn have in common? The answer is in your Sunday Cup of Coffee – 4/07/13

With spring practice a little over the halfway mark, yesterday’s scrimmage produced what you’d expect from a team in the midst of rebuilding. First, the good. AJ McCarron and back-up Blake Sims had good days, according to Alabama head coach Nick Saban. Monster runningback Derrick Henry got mention as well, saying “he has flashed at […]

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Auburn burns as the denials mount

At this point only the most delusional Auburn fan…and there is an army of them…would believe there hasn’t been any funny business going on down on the farm…for years. Once again, the impartial national media…not Bama Magazine, Capstone Report or Tider Insider subscribers…has continued sniffing around the cow patties in Lee County, and once again, […]

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Your Sunday cup of coffee: 3/10/13

As we wake up this Sunday morning, much is brewing, but none funnier than Auburn athletics. With yesterday’s loss at Mississippi State, Auburn has successfully finished dead last in the SEC in football and basketball in the same year. Auburn Athletics Director Jay Jacobs must be proud. Kevin Scarbinsky writes that the top man in […]

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