The NCAA has not publicly cleared Auburn or commented on Auburn’s myriad of speculative infractions, but Auburn Athletic’s Director Jay Jacobs wants you to know that they have.

Thanks Jay.

As the cloud continues to hover over Lee County, Jay wants you to know that the NCAA is “satisfied” with Auburn’s defense in the latest (key word there, ‘latest’) rumors involving rampant cheating at Auburn.

Deny, deny, deny, deflect…deny, deny, deny, deflect…it ’tis the Auburn way.

“I’m going to fight for Auburn,” Jacobs told on Thursday. “When somebody puts something out there that I don’t believe to be true, I’m going to fight back and so that’s what we’re going to do and we’re tired of it. I’m tired of it. When people get the story wrong, it’s my responsibility, and the fight in me, I’m going to get it right.”

Yahoo! Sports reported in November that NCAA investigators were looking into potential violations involving Auburn recruits, players, coaches, boosters and third parties. One of the central figures was 2012 signee Jovon Robinson, who was ruled ineligible by the NCAA in August after it was discovered his academic transcript in high school had been forged.

Former assistants Trooper Taylor and Curtis Luper declined to say whether they were taken off the road recruiting in 2012 due to possible NCAA violations, which were alleged by Danny Sheridan.

When asked Thursday, Jacobs did not say whether the case has been closed by the NCAA. But he does want you to know there’s nothing to see here.

Interpretation: “Hey ya’ll, don’t go ask the NCAA, but all the swirling stories out there, coming from different sources…they’re all untrue, okay? And we’ve been cleared…okay? NO! Don’t go to Indianapolis and dig deeper…just take my word. Okay?”

And what has the NCAA said?

“I cannot comment on current, pending or potential investigations,” Emily Potter, NCAA associate director of public and media relations, wrote in an email to

I don’t know know about ya’ll, but I believe Jay. I mean, why would someone who stands to lose everything if all this stuff is true lie about something like this? Yep, Jay has to be telling the truth. Right?

Deny, deny, deny, deflect…deny, deny, deny, deflect…

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8 thoughts on “Auburn’s Jay Jacobs says take his word for it, NCAA says they’re clean”

  1. Unforutnately auburn never gets busted though. The pecking order is auburn —> then the ncaa –> then all other member schools.

    Seriously how many times does it appear that auburn is nailed — from cam newton to HBO’s story to yahoo to Selena Roberts — and auburn declares “no fault” and the ncaa agrees?

    So let them have their ill-gotten 2010 title. We’ll mock it and win more titles.

  2. Ya know – 2010 may have been a fluke that occurred with a rented mule and a shifty staff, but I have to admit – the Boogs won it on the field. Bama had their opportunity – an incredible lead at the half – and completely fell apart in the second half to take the loss. Several other teams had their chance and let it go. At this point, it really doesn’t matter if the NCAA finds anything out about that season, because we all know that, when it came right down to it, a team that wanted it more, prepared a little better, and did what they had to do to win – won. It pissed me off at the time, but more because Bama had that game won and just let it slip away due to shoddy execution of what was obviously a good game plan from the staff. Sitting back and calling the Boog’s season tainted is starting to look like so much sour grapes. The next two seasons told the story on the program – it was a one-time, flash-in-the-pan deal that wasn’t – and won’t ever – be repeated. Whereas, Bama has shown the football world how it’s done, the Boogs have shown how you can risk it all, get one glory season by the skin of your teeth, and never repeat it again. I’ll take consistency any day of the week over a one-time-deal team that is parked under the cloud of controversy.
    RTR. 49-0.

    1. @Pete———–You’re chalking it all up to a national title.

      This isn’t an Alabama thing, at least not exclusively.

      Every reporter frustrated with the inability to find the proof required to convince everyone of the truth isn’t necesarily an Alabama fan at all.

      If Auburn had lost the Iron Bowl, or the championship (which they nearly did), don’t think that this wouldn’t still be an issue. Winning a title with a guy who did something that resulted in a rule being created at the end of the season explicitly to prevent exactly what he did doesn’t mean it was ok. It’s like saying the holocaust was ok because we won the war.

      And don’t think that it’s just about the title either. Auburn was terrible the last two years, especially last year, but that was with players and opportunities and rules that were allegedly not legitimate.

      Alabama lost to Auburn in that Iron Bowl and the result has been Alabama’s dominance ever since. “Never again” seems to have meant Alabama won’t let anyone else win a championship since then. Nobody else has won a title since then, have they? For as much as Alabama didn’t deserve to win that game (if you want to call it that) the program hasn’t been out-performed on the field since. That game was a catalyst.

      But that doesn’t mean that anyone would be ok with the allegations at Auburn. If they were at another school, maybe you’d hear about it less on Alabama sites, but not on sports news, and maybe not from a reporter from Auburn (maybe?), but don’t doubt the NCAA wouldn’t have the same response or that we should ignore what so many other people besides the alleged are trying to tell us for several years now.

      1. I agree with you, Conduit, but the majority of posters keep wanting to pretend that Bama didn’t need that “never quit” lesson to be taught, especially after they allowed an inferior Aubie team to dominate them in the second half. I really didn’t want to get in to the “Cam shouldn’t ever have been there” arguement – Cam was there, and he made our defense look slow and incompetent – a la JFF in last year’s aTm game. Bama was able to overcome the aTm game in the overall scheme, but the Aubie defeat – and their subsequent *Natty – really iced the attitude that was needed by that group of young men, and it has shown brightly since that game. I’m hoping that the coaching staff drags that film out and shows it over and over to keep these guys from getting complacent about their place in the college football world. Winning it is the easy part – keeping it requires a heckuva lotta work!

  3. wonder if Jacobs has any connection to the Obama Administration, both of them do a very good job of blaming some one else for their failures. Surprised they are not hanging this on Turberville

  4. Only the sheep who call themselves barners would believe JJ after he has led barnball to become mired in the mess we now laugh about.
    The same people who claim to be more Christian than anyone else embrace folks like Lowder, who embezzled millions from barners themselves. Then there’s Tubs’ “business associate” who did the same.
    There’s all the allegations that have yet to be proven, but barn still finds itself near the top of the NCAA’s shit heap for major violations.
    Yup, it’s da barn way. It’s da creed.
    Da barn creed
    Lie lie lie
    Deflect deny deny.
    Blame Big Brother.
    Cry cry cry.

  5. 3 NCAA sanctions the last 20 years.
    More forfeited/vacated games than any team in SEC history.
    More coaches with vacated/forfeited games than any team in the NCAA.
    Spent more than half of the last 2 decades on probation.
    But yeah, its Auburns thats dirty.

    1. Bama has displayed blind faith in the system to not fail them, which it has. That doesn’t translate to Auburn being cleaner. It just means Alabama doesn’t raise the barbwired fencing at the first sign the NCAA like Auburn does. Trust me, Auburn’s day is coming.

      I just find it hilarious that it too the NCAA’s doing to sink Alabama, yet we’ve risen to the top of the game in blinding fashion. Meanwhile, Auburn’s knee-jerk reactions to Bama’s dominance has placed THEMSELVES on probation (Bama never went 3-9, failing to win an SEC game).

      But look vicious, everyone knows Auburn cheats. I’ve literally lost count of the number of stories that’ve been published by unrelated authors, all placing their names and careers on the line. But you go ahead and point to ancient history. I just don’t read anyone accusing Alabama of anything.

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